I am divinelife my phone is broken I could not retrieve my account back I think have to continue from this account only. very bad that I lost my level.if needed @Lady_Eva can u retrive my account? or i have to continue from this account only.

What does your broken phone have to do with needing to make a new account? Obviously you can still access the forum on another device, so don’t you remember your login information?

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And what was your other account, by the way?

He says it in the very first line. It’s @Divinelife.

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I read that as “definitely”, and thought he was talking about the phone.


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that is what i am trying to say i don’t remember password,

@Lady_Eva will have to deal with it.

okay,thats fine.

@DarkestKnight i tried to contact my guardian angel for the first time.i felt its presence more than any demon . i also felt coolness and lots of love like mother.should i contact her
(i dont know if gender exist in angels i just like to call her mother) more often?

I sent you the password reset e-mail, I’ll also bump this to TL2, flag this post to alert me if/when you get access to that other account. :+1:

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