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My name that I have chosen for myself is Urallesse, I have a few questions regarding information to why I am having certain things happening to me. When I turned twelve I began having dreams about certain entities. I would dream that I was that entity at a particular point in time. I would see the world as they saw it then. I had never studied demons at that time. At 15 I began to study demons and was greatly surprised to find out that the demons I would research I already knew a great deal about. I even found certain errors in their information.
I recently startedhaving dreams about a certain entity. He loathes Leviathan. I see this entity living as we do. He seems to have possessed a human body. He is very powerful, but quiet, as if he is hiding. I see him married to a woman. She doesn’t know what he is. He seems to love her very much, but the love isn’t like the one I normally feel for someone. He has a friend, he is stupid, like an animal. He is human, but he seems to stupid to be human. The entity and his wife are eating one day at a resteraunt when he sees a demon in a parking lot. The form of the demon is odd. It haTs the face of a man, the body of a fly, and his legs are like a snake. He drags himself along the ground. The entity ignores him and walks with his wife to eat. The dream moves forward to later on. I am not sure if the demon possessed the stupid friend or convinced him to eat the wife. I see the stupid friend’s mouth covered in feathers and blood. The entity discovers him in this state and sees his wife dead. He becomes angry, but not in a normal way. It is like sadness, pity, and anger all in one. This is the best way I can describe it. Somehow he blames leviathan for this, he vow to kill him. I have had this dream several times, all the exact way.
I have also been seeing shadows in my room. I used to be afraid of demons. I had never seen them, but like many I harboured a deep fear of them. I saw one of the shadows in my room last night. It was the first time I had seen one so clearly. It was like a wave of calmness and serenity flooded the room. I was happy to see it. No fear was evident. It was like my mouth automatically said " I am honored to meet you again" It was like seeing an old friend.

  Why is this happening and what do they all mean. F

Is this an introduction? This doesn’t say much about yourself or any magical practice you might have.

Do you practice any magick? If so, how long have you practiced, and what are your areas of interest?


I assume you are combining your intro with a series of visions. It sounds like you might be a victim of a hex or a curse placed on your parents. Interesting story please follow through with a proper introduction.

Some of your visions of a friend at a restaurant, with blood and feathers on his mouth, feathers symbolize point to travel or the ability to move more freely in life. White feathers in dreams indicate innocence or a fresh start in a spiritual sense.

Physically expelling things are symbolic of the desire to get rid of something (a situation, job, car, problem). Blood can be symbolic of life, so dreaming of spitting out blood, or blood and feathers on the friends mouth, indicate you or the entity want someone gone from your/there life.

The demon behind all this might be Asmodeus.

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@Urallesse it would he helpful to know what kinds of thing you practice etc., as @DarkestKnight says, so we can help you troubleshoot this. :+1:

It wastes your time to be told answers you already tried, and helps us to know what to suggest. :smiley:


I have studied demonology. I just recently started learning magick. Evocation is what I am interested in currently. I am also wanting to learn “astral projection”. I believe this is the correct term for being able to leave you body and visit different realms. I have heard keoting mention this before


Asmodeus is the entity that I have had the most dreams about prior to this entity. Why do you think asmodeus? Thanks for input by the way.

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I have practiced very shortly. The first book I read was EA Koeting’s “Book of Azazel” Evocation is what I am interested in most. I wish to learn anything I can. I am greatly appreciative of all advice.


Your visions are in response to your research into the demonic and seem to have attracted Asmodeus’ support, as long as your actions coincide with the deitys own interests. This might involve rituals for love, lust, strong family ties or wanting a family, relationships.

The visions with a strange married couple indicate Asmodeus a demon of many dimensions known for lust, love and destroying and creating relationships.

“I see him married to a woman. She doesn’t know what he is. He seems to love her very much, but the love isn’t like the one I normally feel for someone.”

He is showing his intentions and your interest in your worship. The other signs are his warnings with blood and feathers, he offers no favor or power out of love; instead, he sees his faithful as useful tools to an end.

I have also edited this post to make it your introduction.

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I’ll send you part 1 of my 3 part tutorial for this, it’s a method that does not directly aim to work with demons but it can be adapated once learned, and is very useful to master in order to increase other psychic skills.:+1:


Could you send to me as well?

Thanks, I greatly appreciate it.

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