Introduction, WhiteRaven

Hi, my name is WhiteRaven.

I’ve been experimenting with magick for about a year and a half. I’ve mostly read books from The Gallery of Magick, and they really haven’t worked for me. I really just made this account to read the forum and to have a place to give public recognition when I’ve promised it. I’ve never been sensitive supernaturally or psychically (other family members are, they’re lucky). I do believe everything is possible. Maybe I’ll experience something awesome one day.

If I ever get magick to work, I’d like to use it to help with my finances and love life.


Welcome to the BALG forum.

Many here use the Gallery methods with success so hopefully you will find some advice that will help.

However, there are many methods of magick, so don’t give up if the Gallery books don’t seem to work for you.


Welcome.! :slight_smile:

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Welcome !

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I had my issues with those sort of books too. In the end, maybe you just have to find the right grimoire with you. And arm yourself with patience. Lots and lots of patience.

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Welcome. It is possible to develop your senses. Although things are not perceived the same way by everyone so don’t get discouraged if your experience is different than someone else’s.

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