Introduction + Very strange situation

@Fallen_Human I think maybe you can look into her situation as you were a former Muslim. :slightly_smiling_face::heart:

Anyways I hope your situation gets solved real quick and you find ease. My blessings. :dizzy::heart:


Oooh thank you my dear cutie :heart_eyes::kiss::hugs:. So kind of you! I wish you a lot of love, luck & peace. :heart::heart::heart::pray:

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Love the energy you bought with yourself to this forum. :star2::heart: Let me know if I can be of any assistance to you I hope you won’t be needing any because there are amazing people here more experienced than me. Wish you luck. :sparkles::heart:

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Why i can’t send you pm? :thinking:

Because you are new to the forum. You joined barely 8 hours ago. The ability to PM is restricted until you reach a certain threshold of activity. It usually unlocks in a few days though if you are active.

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Oh ok thank you! :heart:

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Someone can PM you, and you can reply, but you cannot initiate.


Can you send me a pm first dear? Because I’m a new member i can’t initiate.

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Thank you my dear :heart: If i can help you with something you’re welcome to :kiss::hugs: