Introduction + Shemyaza - anyone knows what does he.... like?

Hi guys… I am kinda new to all of this… I am not a satanist, from the big part of my life I was catholic, but now I am really… Open to all religions and I respect every deity and entity that shown me that he/she deserves respect, no matter the culture it originated in… I have the most experience channeling Draconic energies if this concerns You. I have not much more experience in any entities beside Dragons and sometimes Griffins too… I have learned how to sense certain energies in people but I am still learning it… So Y’all can say I am pretty much a begginer in everything possible XD Aaaand my beliefs rather lean more towards the right hand path but I hope that this will not make Ya roll eyes on me Lol

Ok… Enough of introduction bullshit… Why love and sex magic cathegory?.. You may find it silly what I will say now, but I think that I geniually fell in love with the fallen angel Shemyaza, the leader of the Grigori watchers… I had conversations with him in his current physical vessel that he posseses at that momment (I prefer not to ellaborate more on this topic to protect his identity and privacy, but I witnessed and felt some things that convinced me that he indeed IS Samyaza)… It’s just… We developped a really deep mutual love with eachother through all that time and… Let’s say I wanna add a little spicy suprise ellement to our relationship :wink: Anyone of You have any suggestions? What are his prefferences, what does he like etc… I would be very grateful for answer :blush:
Ps. Thank You @DarkestKnight for moving this post and speaking to my mind. I am honestly sorry, guys. This is never happen again :sweat_smile:

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You were asked to properly introduce yourself in the introductions area, as it is a rule of this forum, not bullshit.

I am going to move this to where it should have been posted to begin with and edit the title.


I understand. Thank You very much for clarification… Forgive me this mess… I am really new to all of it…

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Welcome to the forum.

Why don’t you just ask Shemyaza what he likes, use that deep mutual love that you share to guide you. Why bring everything public and be so mysterious about an identity that would most likely be for you only anyway LOL


I know :sweat_smile: let’s say I only wanted to suprise him :wink: I just thought I can kinda trust You guys on it, but I highly understand Your concern. If You percieve this post as too much exposing, I may always delete it :slightly_smiling_face: thank You for taking time to answer me :blush:

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Welcome but be careful of those who claim to be deities in the flesh. Not saying they’re all bad but there is heightened potential for it I feel.

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Yes, I understand… If not… A chain of really crazy events in our lives I’d think the same as You but there is much more to it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well… you should ask this Shemyaza guy what does he likes. Pretty sure a bunch of us never even heard the name before, so…

In any event, welcome to the forum.

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Im not saying it cant/doesnt happen I also have some experience with this but I believe the ego can get ahead of itself at times.

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Yup… I kind of discovered it myself… When I found out who he is (long, hard and hard to believe story) he was frightened I may abandon him because of who he is, but of course it did not happen XD Yeah, I’m sorry for this post. If it seems wrong or offensive to any of You, please let me know :heart: this is never my intent :heart:

Thank You very much, sir.

I don’t have a clue what one of the leaders of the watchers would want like that. If it is him he came here a mission a that is more mundane compared to what he has done before.

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He was summoned and for a different purpose. It tracks like 10 or 20 years back… I do not know all the details but his role was much bigger than just meeting me, easy XD I don’t want to share too much, but it have a lot to do with a world-wide cult…

Then why don’t you ask the cult? I know why some deities were born and what their purpose is, most of it is “vaction” with a mundane purpose that is going to be bigger.

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They… Do not like me… At all… I don’t feel comfortable talking about this, but from at least one member I recieved online threats… I prefer to stay away from most of them…

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Again im butting my head in where I dont belong but I feel as though “vacation” is what gets told to the human mind so it doesnt have to ponder on things it can never grasp.

I know for me I’m not reincarnated very much the lives I do remember seemed to happen a long time ago with large breaks.

So when I say this is my “vaction” it is my time to experience life and what it includes like sleeping, eating, drinking etc… It also helps my soul understand things in a deeper level.

I know why I’m here, why I was born because I went off track.

To view “vacation” as something the human mind can’t grasp might be part of it, but it is also living and being human and enjoying what comes with it.

But that is how I view a vaction.

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I understand now :hugs: that’s ok :hugs: