Introduction Pt. 2

This may be a kinda rambler of various shit- but I figure to purge a lot of randoms out so that later when I begin to focus on certain issues, if I refer to a past event or a current event, there will be a better chance of a reference point.
And fair warning, people say I am not grammatical, punctuation sucks, an English language teacher just stroked out somewhere blah blah. Well, I do not spellcheck- if it is phonetic, and if I can read it and get a remote idea what the hell I just splashed all over the page at least one does not need a Urim and Thummim to understand it- but if you need to scry with a seer stone or something- you are welcome for the practice. :wink:
Also- regardless of my experience- aside by how I say something, just because I say it does not mean I feel I am stone solid right, ascended to some point I can dictate reality, or on some ivory tower. 25 years ago- maybe; but thank hell that guy died- (he really did,symbolically, spiritually and physically) and I am nothing but an empty Zen sandbox- waiting for the next rake to be drawn over me. Feel free to be that rake.
How I got here on this forum, has been nothing less than one miracle after another combined with my Will resulting in the Inexplicable, I embrace 'Spiritual Atheism" as well as accept that “I” am what the Anunnaki said- A God, fully formed, fully engaged, fully attained as is fitting to continue further Attainment. I have also in many ways previously- had all that stripped from me, totally abandoned and deserted in full Spiritual Death, dropped in a tarpit, much like the Uriah Heep song says" Cast into the arms of satan- reaching for the hand of god…" and have had to hope I had enough bearings to find places to grab on and claw my way up and out, and after having done so- found all that may the “Entity” I knew to call Me Myself and I, left behind at the bottom, and except for very few pinpoints of memory- had to rebuild a whole New Being with new knowledge (which often negated to former) and even new language, without these tools building the New Entity" could not have taken place and 6 feet under could be the only imaginable result.
Some of those remaining pinpoints were, from age 3 I clearly remember the mortality previously lived- and died, having fought through World War 2 and killed in Korea. Later in my life, as a result of other near death events- other passed lives would be “Unlocked”; the earliest of which was approx. 44,000 bce. I am also what some call as Multiple UFO Abductee- my deceased sister insists “They” were the cause of me being put in my mother, and “They” have always kept close tabs on me. I remember some of these. As a result of my talking about these things as a 5y/o and up, members of my family hated me 'because there is something really wrong with him" sent me to shrink galore to be “worked on and fixed”… however all the people they took me too backed me and at worst invited the family to come in for counseling. I have little doubt that “whatever They have done” has been very instrumental in developing into what I am now, and I hope has given me the tools to continue to Become. I find great solace now that all of 'the stuff that defined me as flat crazy" is now relatively so widely accepted that I am living in a huge “I fkn Toldyaso!” moment.
So I think this is good enough background for now… if you made it this far- wow! thanks… and by all means do not feel bad about those deep gut laughs if you had them— I have done that many many times.

So, yesterday was an interesting day for me. 2 days ago I very briefly scanned over the brief thing EA had posted about Belial; how cool he is etc. Determining to come back and go over it as deep as I can as a place to start. Havent done that yet. but while walking in town doing chores I was thinking about it, and very shallowly without intent worked over I n my head what I may have to do to invoke him and what I should hope he would be willing to assist me to work on. Well, as I was thinking I repeated his name in my head 3 times here and there picturing candles inscence wondering what else. But with 5 easy minutes I felt as if my chest was painlessly being opened up-(which could have been really scarey since I was rushed to the ER last week for a heart attack scare. I felt this bright Deep force 'pouring into me and filling my 'carcass up until it filled my head as if it was all empty space.
( I also spent 3 years doing forensic autopsies at what I called The Human Canoe Shop", so when I say empty carcass I really felt that way. I began ‘thinking’ or likely having my mind made to think
and my eyes including my mindseye see and make plans for the near future with a very strong feeling of hope determination, positivity and already done accomplishment" in the attitude of my Warriors Excitement, in a way I have not felt in decades. I was stunningly brought to believe I should carry my microcassete with me as well as get a Dragon program (hell how ironic is that?) as there is no way I can possibly journalise so much content by writing or typing. I realized I was only getting a ‘lil taste’ and view. I had so much thrown into me, with the emmense amount of temporal Impressment Demanded of me- I feel pretty overwhelmed. but psyched to at least begin and enjoy This Ride… completed or not.
One thing I am hoping for is well I guess trusting- maybe that is too strong, have confidence in the entites. I have had trust so destroyed I n my life- trust naw I just cringe at the thought. man and Deity have so viciously and severely lied cheated fkt me in every orifice with every manner of pipe post and craggyass tree branch- trust and faith- better practicing Sepuku/hara-kiri.
What I want , from any entity, is not for me to love some kneeling position and doormatting myself in hopes of a lesser amount of shit to shovel off me and say “Thank you Jesus or whoever” (Interestingly- I have a printout of a vision someone had where all of the people who “God loved the most, were laying on their back with their backs arched as much as they could so “Glorified Jesus” could walk through the crowds adoring him using their abdomens for a walkway so that his Holy Feet would not be fouled by walking on the gold pavement of heaven” (MAN FK THAT SHIT AND ANY DAMN DIETY ANGEL OR DEMON DEVIL SATAN ALLAH OR ANYTHING THAT WOULD REMOTELY have the tinyest thought of that!!!) no apologies for that turrets moment.

So, I am thinking I want a relationship with Gods, Angels Devs Demons Entities, but based on Co-Equal and Co-Eternal Respect. Friends Comrads Allies Associates Fellows in Arms Fraternal and Sororal (because Females exsist- I dig chicks), {In fact there is a place I call my Inner Sanctum in my Heart where after passing through the door upon the High Altar is a beautiful Pregnant Goddess who I Adore and never want to leave)

So how and where can I find Belial info so I can research up, andstudy rituals evocations etc?

Also EA told me that BUNE may not be the best entity to evoke- if that is the case- in my effort to begin to build a better financial life; as aside from thebogus the poorer you are and the more you 'consecrate to god his church etc" . I literally made a really strong covenant to YHWH that rather than riches I wanted all manner of spiritual knowledge and wisdom (which I got but now realize I CAN have both)
Who would be the best beings? any info would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for hanging on this far- I really appreciate it. I look foreward to anything anyone has to say.

I too find the idea of researching more about Entities (Prep Immersion… which texts to research in?)… and now EA has been more explicit about finding an older-oldest version of Entities (many seeming to go back to Sumer-Mesopotamia )… and yet many texts I’ve seen seem to tie 2 beings because their names are related, but then people are named after historical… doesn’t mean they are the same (Hey-zeus… vs Jesus, etc)…

but for an Entity EA focuses upon… B. <being one of them!> I’d do a search for that term (“his” Name) [scroll up on this page- about the middle in the banner “search”] -should find a bunch, so it just ramble, but some talk about way they know vs just what sounds good.

In regards to the Entity summoning question at the end… when you wrote Bune not being right- I had an inner twinge that that didn’t sound-feel right, interesting… so not sure why that might be, but part of that info-pulse was that better for your situation might be “a Jupiter aspect” (ie if you know resonate with one of the Jovian(s)… that Majesty aspect could bring up Prosperity as well as Spiritual awakening…
I hope that might add something.

As you wrote: "So, I am thinking I want a relationship with Gods, Angels Devas Demons Entities, but based on Co-Equal and Co-Eternal Respect. Friends Comrads Allies Associates Fellows in Arms Fraternal and Sororal"
um yeah- and how to integrate that, is sort of working out what inner shifts and conceptual-perceptions needed to think and See this Art that way.

<<just before that, the part about those being bent backwards so that a Being could walk upon the abdomens (all people that are the pathway- need to keep their eyes averted… as Gandhi wrote: “need to become less than the dust underfoot.”)-- It was so many yrs ago I read that, and I remember that “scene” so well myself (with a similiar way you responded I think.

cheers and luck (with the past BALG newsletters, and the archived Forum post/comments, there’s a lot of info here… “here’s to the DisCover-y !”

Bune was actually the first successful evocation that I did, I asked for bunes assistant with rent money and a study flow of income preferably in the form of employment. The money came within a few hours, and I got a second job interview with the company I’m hoping to work at coming.
But what works for me may not for you. I would say follow EA’s advice and try to read and absorb all the information you can, as well as practice and go through some of the meditations and exercises on the forum.