Introduction post

You can call me Vanessa…

I have been a member here before in a similar name .

I practice all kinds of magic and work with various Goetic spirits at the moment and some Angels. I have about 6 years or so experience on this side and started off as a teen with Wicca.

My aim is to get better at everything and be a better practitioner and person in general.

I love animals and have 2 Dogs.

I am good at making contact with spirits and getting results so far. I would like to learn more about different evocation styles and others experiences always warm my heart.

I have a love for old fashioned witchcraft and herbs etc. I also have a strong interest in Hoodoo.


Welcome :blush:

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Hello again. xx

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Thank you

Welcome! I loved Penny Dreadful.

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Thanks :black_heart: Me too.

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Welcome back

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thanks. x

Thank you. xx

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