Introduction + Pathworking

Hello. I’ll start with a brief description of my path. I’ve practiced Witchcraft, since my early 20’s and have only been practicing and studying Demonolatry for about a year and a half roughly. From what I’ve learned both paths are similar, but Demonolatry is a whole other level. I’m having some issues with ritual block. I work full time and have the evenings and weekends to do rituals, but I stay tired and have 0 motivation to move forward. I want to do rituals and I will spend hours a day reading and watching videos to educate myself, but when it comes to actually performing rituals I feel blocked. I’m also having issues with understanding Pathworking. It’s taken me a while to actually find good information describing what it is. I understand how to Pathwork, but how would you Pathwork with a Demon? I’ve heard people discuss Pathworking with Lucifer or another demon for 30 days etc… just wondering how this is would work. So far everything has came to me very smoothly, but I’m really having issues with these 2 things. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!

Welcome @xkx It is a rule of this forum for all new members to properly introduce themselves, and you have provided enough information here to meet that requirement so I have moved your post to the correct section, and edited your title.

As for your questions…

You have to make the effort to perform the rituals. You’re not blocked. You just have to choose to prioritise doing what you need to do. I’ve been there, making excuses and letting my daily life dictate when I do the work, but most people work full time and still make time to do what they need to do.

The term pathworking comes from the practice of Kabbalah, and refers to the travelling of the 22 paths of the Tree of Life through working in vision.

However, the term has entered common parlance, and is now generally used to refer to any working with a specific group of spirits, not just working in vision with the Tree. For example, EA’s work with the Gatekeepers is a pathworking.

The technique of working in vision itself is also sometimes referred to as pathworking as well. The books Raziel’s Paths of Power and Lucifer and the Hidden Demons are an example of this.

When people discuss pathworking with Lucifer, or another spirit, they are usually referring to in depth, long term work where the spirit is guiding them through certain things, and they are most likely evoking the spirit daily.


Thank you. This has been really helpful.