Introduction of a new member

Hi, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Patrik Malý, I am from Brno and live in Czech Republic.

I am pretty new to this stuff. I came here after reading a book written by E. A. Koetting. It really sparked my interest. I started trying to do divination, astral travel and magic recently. I mean, before this I have only read books about spirituality and have always been interested in the ancient gods since I was a little boy, but I did never try anything until about few weeks ago. I tried doing tarot readings and found out they were pretty accurate. I am now learning astral projection - I got to the vibrational state but nothing happend so I tried to direct vibrations to my head like when I practice qigong and it somewhat worked - I felt my body but I also felt the limbs moving to where they weren’t. And as I felt like I was leaving my body I got afraid (and I don’t know why) and then failed again - I felt like being pulled inside the body. Well, I think that I will find answer to this here on this forum.

Anyway, I am looking forward to learning more and working with you.

Nice having you here. Before you rush on workings work on your senses. I advise you 2 times a day 10 minute meditations for a week to 10 days. Its nececery to have them open so you can communicate with guides to ask for tasks or learn to control your energy for spells and stuff. Also do a lot of research a lot.

Have you tried staring into a Scrying mirror while meditating?

Thanks for having me and thanks for the tips. I’ll try right away.

Welcome @Tharizar :blush:

Thank you.