Introduction of a new member

Hi my name is James, I recently joined here. Have known of this site and Koettings’ videos and books for a long time. I have been interested in all things ‘occult’ since my teens. I have read and studied many books especially ones on magickal practices by Crowley and Kraig. Have so far only practiced wiccan style pathwork mainly of the Norse pantheon, as well as some LaVeyan Satanism. I am divorcing, relocating, starting new work and will soon have a lot more time to actually perfom rituals and delve in. I am very interested in Sekhmet and am considering a communication with Belial in the near future. Sounds heavy for a beginner I know, but any advice is appreciated.
Thanks for reading!

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Welcome @beerkat88

Where are you from?

How long have you practiced?

What are your areas of magical interest?

I am from the midwest originally, have lived all over the usa. I will be in the sw area for the next few years and look forward to secluded desert workings. I’ve practiced ‘low magic’ off and on for twenty or so years (I’m 53), and am ready to try ‘high magick’ in the near future, as soon as I am settled into my new place. I would like to work with Elementals, and be able to evoke various entities. I am also interested in learning more about archangels and demonolatry.