Introduction of a Hermetic Mage

Hi everyone, i’m Evelyn. I’m a 25 year old college student from the deep south, USA. I’ve been practicing about 6 years but, I don’t really count the first half seeing I was caught up on all that “Make the world a better place” bull and was afraid to do anything that had real power involved. I’m over that childish nonsense now.

I’m interested in working with demons. I’ve gone through a few GOM books but, beyond that my expertise is null. I would appreciate any advice you can give.



Just to let you know I work with demons to make the world a better place LOL.

So what did you practice for the first three years and the second three years?


The first three years I did a whole lot of candle magick and read whatever random books I could find from the local occult book shop. I did more reading than working to be honest. I don’t know what it is was, fear, anxiety, etc. but, I never dove very deep. The second three years i’ve actually done stuff more than just some causal candle magick but, it was still really unorganized. I got hung up with chaos magick for a long time but, to be honest, it’s been a little lackluster. I worked with a demon for the first time a few days ago, finally doing something from this forum other than lurk, and I was blown away. Instant results, just how they were promised, on a problem i’ve had my entire life. Needless to say, I want more.


Ha ha, I am so glad that you got to experience positive results. Sounds like you found your niche.


Thank you. How long have you been working with demons?

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Well in reality not that long, but apparently they have always been working with me LOL

That’s really cool. Any advice for a newbie?

Well I always advise people to not expect results right away, but you seem to have that covered.
Just learn all you can and never stop studying. Become a master of your craft and everything will just fall into place.

Are there specific Demons/Ancients that interest you?

Welcome to the forum.

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Clauneck and Bune are of particular interest due to current life situations.

so money huh? thats everyones problem LOL

If you want to know something particularly evil, you should look at my student loans. I’m too old for financial aid. I’m gonna owe so much money. That’s the main reason. I’m a broke college kid.

Well getting out of debt will be a true testament to your godhood. What is “so much” for you because it’s different for everyone.

Over 50k. Given i’m from a super poor family, paying that off would be a true test. I do that, I know I can do anything. Luckily i’m in Cybersecurity so, I should make a butt-ton after college.

So how long do you have to go till then?

2 years and i’m maxing out my loans. I might not have the money to stay. It’d take a miracle for me to remain in college at this rate so, that’s exactly what i’m hoping for.

I believe you can absolutely manifest anything you desire.

Thank you. :slight_smile: It’s why i’m here. To learn to do so.

Thank you. This is really cool.