Introduction + Need help

Hi there.

I’ve been fascinated with the occult, metaphysics, spirituality since my teens.

I’ve experinmented with simple spells here and there, but haven’t had much luck producing any tangile results, which makes me lose interest.

I haven’t had much luck in life and always seem to continouslly attract adversity and bad people into my life, even when I try to avoid being around toxic people.

I’m desperately trying to get rid of a predatory stalker that has pretty much invaded every aspect of my life. Law enforcement and every “conventional means” of dealing with this has failed me, so im turning to occult practises.

It’s funny how while everyone is so concerned with the pandemic, Im more concerned about sone psychopath that follows, monitors, torments me 24/7 and does everything they can to destroy me.

If anyone wants to help or offer some guidance that would be great…

I tried a petitition apell a few days ago, doesn’t seem to be doing much.

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Welcome to the forum.

I would use the search function to find something you’re able and willing to do. I would also look through the tutorials section to maybe find additional ideas and methods for trying to tackle this. Maybe a freezer spell?
Unofficial Forum Tutorials Directory ~ Beginners, Check This Out! :+1: - General Discussion - Become A Living God

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Welcome to the forum. Many of us have a slow start, if you keep at it- most of us find things start coming together as we find the methods that work for us.

Here is a topic about petitions, and most of us who commented, see 50/50 or less results with petitions. It’s a good read, and might give you some ideas.

For sake of introductions and meeting the forums requirements, would you mind telling us roughly how old you are and roughly where you are from? Are their any particular systems of magic that intrigue you?

Welcome @Summer_Rain

As @Keteriya has said, it is a rule here for all new members to properly introduce themselves, and you have included enough information about your experience in magick, or lack thereof, to meet the rule so I have edited your title to reflect that.

We get asked a lot for free rituals, and unfortunately, most experienced members don’t have the time or inclination to do so because they are busy with their own stuff. However, guidance, we can certainly do.

What is your plan of attack? Do you want the guy dead, or just off your back? If you use the search function in the upper right, we have many curses available to use.

To the universe or YHVH or demons ???

I did petition spell to Cassimolar glasya labolas and I threw the paper with his sigil on some waste land
Let the paper rot and the intent will start to fest or you can burn it to release it to the universe

I did two petitions. One to Archangel Michael for protection, and the second one to Orobas. I hid the first one, didn’t get a chance to burn it. I burnt the second one partially, before dumping the rest of the paper into the toilet (in fear of setting off the fire alarm.) In both petitions, I was extremely specific about my goal, request, time limit, and offered gratitude.

My beliefs align the most with Chaos Magick. Magick is a means to an end to me and I don’t really like things that are too complicated. I’ve tried a few sigils, with mixed results. Never really created drastic results that shocked me or anything like that, so hard to tell if if really is just placebo effect.

I’m located in Ottawa, Canada. If anyone knows of any legitimate local practitioners here, I am open to recommendations, I don’t mind paying a fee.

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Well, I hate to be the barer of bad news, but this could be part of your problem. When you are very specific you limit how the spirits can do the work, and sometimes they can’t do it at all because of this, particularly when you give time limits. I never do, I tried it a few times and found out quickly that magic tends to take longer than I can estimate time wise, and well other times it doesn’t but depends on the type of the spirit and how easily the goal can be obtained.

I used to doubt every result, because it never came the way I thought it would or wanted it to, but I eventually got my results. After a while I had more coincidences and more things I’d done work for happening than what I could ignore. I don’t just do a work then not do anything for a while. I do a work, then get to the next problem, so I’ve always got magic out there for lots of things, and when you have a week where like 15 results come in all at once, you suddenly go wow, this shit is for real lol. I had my mind so fcking blown I thought I was loosing it, so the slow and steady approach is probably advisable, but if you need proof man, careful when you ask for it, cuz it just might come.

Thank you for giving us a little more of the require information for your intro.

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Do your own magick to get better results

Buy books rather than searching for practitioner