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I’ve been studying and practicing the occult/magick since about 2008. I was in a Wiccan coven for several years and moved up to 2nd degree. I left after several years because I felt like I just didn’t want to do it anymore. I took a short break and have been studying many different magickal topics and systems since. Spirit Evocation has always interested me but unfortunately I have not had any luck with it as of yet. When I do scrying with my black mirror I see my face change sometimes, see the mirror cloud over and sometimes see points of flashing light. I just can’t seem to communicate with the spirit. I’m wondering if there is a spirit that is used to working with “noobs” on evocation? I’ve always been fascinated with Enochian, Goetia or angelic magick. Any info would be quite helpful!


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Obtain Seal of Astaroth. Lay clean, unused, virgin paper over Seal. Using a safety match with a chewed foot and a lancet finger pricking device from the pharmacy, dip spit wet match foot in the blood of a finger of your left hand and using this trace the Seal of Astaroth on the virgin paper. Can be charged or not - that’s why you used blood and spit.

When dry, place this behind black mirror so it’s facing toward the black you’ll be looking through.

Some practitioners use physical cues to get themselves ready to “gaze”, stuff like banishing rituals and/or incense - could be a shower; whatever.



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The spirits Sastan, Mesphitahl, and Paralda, the elmental King of Air, are all perfect for helping “newbies” with communication.

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