Introduction + Hex and curse lifting help for a beginner

Hi! I have a head set straight on delving into the world of magic and would like some advise. You see, my first step would be to get rid of the bad influences in my life. Let me explain, cause it’s not just one thing. I think might have a family curse, and most definitely a hex on me. Here is why:

  1. My life have been going down for 10 years now. Slowly but very steadily. Getting literally drained of life energy, get punished for all positive emotions with strokes and etc. All possible health problems. No love interests. Losing contact with outside world, friends. Losing financial stability in my family, also slowly but steadily. Losing creative energy (I am an artist). For me it all just sums up into a whole picture of a hex of some sort. Like some entity is sitting on my back and doing it to me. Also just feeling blocked when I have nice ideas in my head. And generally super unlucky.
  2. I have been told about the fact that I have these influences more than one time. Once randomly met a woman who told me that I’d lose my happy life if I don’t fix the hex. Was in the beginning of it so I didn’t give it much thought. Secondly got diagnosed with a mix of a hex and a family curse by a doctor I was not expecting this info from. I wasn’t a believer at the time so I just said nah.
  3. Now about who could be doing it. Firstly, both people who told me those things have probably been mentioning my friend Alexandra as a reason, now that I think about it. The woman I’ve met have mentioned that I should be careful with a blonde friend of mine. A doctor have mentioned someone connected to my other friend, and said the name Alexander (though it’s also my fathers name and I had a dream about it) And I haven’t realized it back then but it’s actually the same name as Alexandra. And we three were best friends for some time. But Alex was always jealous of me when we were younger and have been trying to steal my ideas. Could it be unintentional hex or something?
  4. Secondly, my family is friends with another family and I feel like it might be their influence too. It is a family of my mother in law and they have gipsy n Jewish roots. Everyone in that family is pretty eccentric and aggressive and have always been sweet but sour at the same time towards my family. All my problems have started soon after they lost a father of the family. The daughter of the family have always also been jealous of me but now overgrown me a lot, basically by all the points I’m loosing in. I think that it might be an intentional hex or an unintentional too. Not to sound racist, but their roots make me a little suspish, and their energy feels just right for that.
  5. Now about a family curse. My mom have been living in a country village when she was young, and my grandmother was a healer. Doctor said that we have a curse coming from that time. Could it be that we were cursed long ago? How could it be figured out?

So essentially, I would like your advice on cleaning the house and myself too, breaking the curse and the hex. And maybe other people too if that’s ok. I think that it all had to happen to me so that I could be taught a life lesson but now it is time to move forward and I would like some help with that. I have tried asking tarot but they don’t explain what exactly is up. Also is there a diety you would suggest working with in that case? Anyways, please, don’t tell me that I’m making things up or to go visit a professional. I have a feeling I’m right and I really want to stop this with my own powers!

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Asaraludu from the Simon necronomicon

Welcome @Goaty It is a rule of this forum for all new members to properly introduce themselves, so please tell us about yourself and any experience in magick you may have.

Where are you from?

Do you have any practical experience in magick at all?

If so, what have you practiced?

Sorry, Is it alright if I do it in this thread? I live in Russia and practice tarot reading, have been doing that for a 3 years now. I have been introduced to the world of magic by the manifestation rule that I have been successful in using in some interesting situations, and a friend who practices Wicca.
I also slowly but steadily do my research on astrology and natal charts, but mostly for fun)

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Is there a recourse where I could find more info on what he likes and how to call out to him? I’ve never worked with deities before, especially as ancient as Mesopotamian (Wikipedia told me he was worshiped there)

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Look up JS Garrett on YouTube. He did a live stream ritual of asaraludu last night. He includes full information to perform it yourself.


Thnx a lot, I still have to look for good spells focused on lifting the hex, so if you can suggest any, that would be cool.

@4hmagm, @DarkestKnight, @Ophelia. You guys seemed the most interested in helping out so I’m tagging you)
Hey guys, wanted to do a quick update on things! First of all thank you to all who have reached out to me before! Sdcond of all: I did summon asaralusu and have a kind of interesting story.

So im not sure if it worked completely well or not. I was pretty much distracted by my own fears of failing the ritual and lack of knowledge. I did follow the suggested stream though. So step by step: while prepping i had huge problems like all the bugs possible on my phone and I couldn’t find the chanting for an hour or so. I had to google half of the words I’ve heard on the stream to finally find it.
Secondly, I had pre stoke feelings while doing first steps of this ritual, like for no reasons. Usually i at least have some reasoning, but it was purely me focusing on the sygil.

3rdly: my dad woke up and I had to stop the ritual. He heard me yell for his help and thats super wierd. Cause i was very quiet and couldn’t cause it. Also my cat came to the ritual. Im not sure if he was there as a support or a distraction. I did feel less scared with him standing behind me tho.

4th: my alcohol burned out in the middle so i had to interrupt the ritual and im notsure if that is okay to do.

5th: I couldnt squeeze a good ammount of blood even though i did a lot of cuts. Not even an actual drol which i had to put into fire.Any advice on how to deal with it?

6th: And about my feelings. So I didn’t have any feeling of the spirit cleaning the place out or any great relief. But I did notice that it got real quiet.

7th: When I went to take a shower my cat was with me and he kept staring at the apartment through the door but there was nothing moving. He does that only when someone is walking around the place and everyone were asleep. So idk if that’s a sign of some sort.

I am thinking of redoing the ritual in some time later, since it got interrupted for like 3 times, but this time actually working on my own and focusing more on my inner feelings. And trying to squeeze more blood out lol.

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Hmm, i think your grandfather did speak to you. It’s in tour blood. Not yet time to make offerings to strange gods. Blood had its own language. And no alcohol. The alchemy you need must be different. Did anyone in your family suffer from stomach pains? Maybe even stomach cancer?
And let the cat stay.
No more giving that blood so easily.

Cutting yourself a lot for blood is bad news. You’re probably making multiple shallow cuts in an area with thicker skin, which won’t bleed very much. You only need to make one very small cut in an area like your finger or back of your hand, and then wiggle your hand so the blood keeps flowing.

Also, contrary to popular belief, poking your fingertips is way harder than it looks.

I did cut the finger but I guess the wrong place? I ll do more of the research next time ) I have pretty sturdy hands since I draw a lot so it’s probably what played a role too x)

@Ophelia, hm, yeah, considering that I didn’t feel anything, maybe it was a sign that it’s not really my thing.
Yeah, my mother did, but it turned out that she was gluten and lactose intolerant all this time and she’s fine. My grandfather did have a cancer, but it was prostate cancer, not stomach one.
I now remember that I might have had a dream with him this summer. He came out the coffin and said that he was fine all along, hiding there and now he got some surgery performed on him and he is ready to live the life. Weird one and I really can’t tell how it could be interpreted ((