Introduction/Helps and Deep Understanding in Creating Servitors

Hello I’m Joe Joe,
I am a Novice Warlock and even though I am not supposed to worry about creating servitors at this level in my practice I would like to still know the knowledge about creating a servitor, how to strategically program it without giving it no loose ends or confusion, how to feed it and how to develop a strong bond with it. I also am an aspiring intuitive tarot/Oracle card reader that is in the process of relaunching my YouTube channel and also focus on my music career; That’s all I would like to say about myself for right now.


Welcome to the forum.

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Thank you so much!

Information on servitors is very easy to find with a Google search, as they are basic within the Chaos Magick paradigm.

I also recommend the books “Magickal Servitors” by Damon Brand and “Creating Servitors” by John Kreiter. Both are available for cheap on Amazon Kindle.

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Yeah I understand that but I want to make sure it’s the right resource to go to read about it.

The books i recommended are good resources and will answer your questions, particularly the Damon Brand book.

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“Magickal Servitors” by Damon Brand and “Creating Servitors” by John Kreiter are both good starting points into servitor creation. I would also recommend reading the black witches coven servitor post. For the best results in servitor creation (in my oppion) is to create a servitor that will help you create other servitors.

I would recommend making sure the servitor is properly bound to you and in no way shape or form could go rouge.

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