[INTRODUCTION] Help for beginners

I am totally new to magic and i am not sure how to do it and even if i can do it ever or not.
From last few weeks i was following up this forum and found really intresting things.
I always wanted to believe in demons and working with them.
I have already started meditation and wants to work with lord lucifer
Have collected most the information about the sigil and enn of lord lucifer

I want some facts to know about the beginning stage about how to do it.

Also i want to do some offering to lord lucifer but I don’t know how to exactly offer it.
Can someone tell me the offering procedure?



Well first of All welcome to the path and Forum :slight_smile:
Im not exactly an expert on lucifer. Just had a few Rituals and a channeling and i am a beginner as well. But with the offering i may help. Blood is almost always a good Option. Some Spirits like alcohol and semen as well as fruit can be a suitable offering. Also putting artistic effort and love in the drawing of the sigil can be an offering sort of.

Hope i Could help a bit :slight_smile:

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About foods/beverages, I believe it may suffice to verbally offer them. Afterwards, you leave them out until they begin to look less “fresh”, then you bury the offerings into earth or burn them.


My exact question was like how to offer it to them?
Suppose i feel like offering a bunch of chocolates or a bottle of wine?
What should i exactly do?

Where should i leave the chocolate? Or the bottle of wine?
How to?

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Welcome to the forum.


After you made a contact (e.g. having gazed at an entity’s sigil) say “I offer this chocolate/wine to you”.
You may light incense, expose the sigil to its smoke then gaze at the sigil. Do the same exposition to smoke for the offering while you state the above, then put your offering on the sigil.
The surface may be an altar you have, or a common table.

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Do i have to burn the sigil after being done with my offering? Or should i just leave it like that?

You may dismiss the spirit then, in order to not have that influence around anymore (EA talked about himself using to keep “active” only a few sigils at a time), indeed burn the sigil and for example toss the ashes to the wind, or bury them in earth.

School is in my friend. Read read and more reading, will teach you and develop your own method just learn the origins.