Introduction: Haden


I have been into using magick/energy since my late teens. Now I’m 25. I’m into applying energy/magick into different practices.
I came here to find and learn of my true self or how our teachings are different or relate in some ways. I’ve been having visions of spirits since what feels like forever. I came here to search for others alike.


Welcome @Haden

What, exactly, do you practice? Saying that you are into “using magick/energy” is so vague it tells us absolutely nothing about your experience.

Do you work with any particular systems of magick?

I apologize. I might’ve forgot to put that. I’m into practice psionics. I trying to look into other paths into the occult. The main one is psionics. I just think magick is the same as one would call energy.

Well, no, “magick” refers to methods of energy manipulation, but it is not the energy itself.

Psionics is a form of magick. Ritual/Ceremonial is another.


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Well your not entirely wrong. I think your right on the methodology aspect of it. Same thing just different approach on it.


Sure, okay lol

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I practice psionics too, I see psionics as direct magick, basically using your own energy to achieve a goal be it manifestation, instant energy manipulation, etc. While indirect magick is rituals, calling on external forces to ask for their help and so forth :pray:

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Welcome to the forum :blush:

Yes I agree wholeheartedly with this.

Thanks a lot for the warm welcome.

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My favorite part is where the newb totally schooled @DarkestKnight on the definition and application of magic.

I want to write a sea shanty with the Nepalese guy, who owns the store under me, about what to do with an overflowing cup of tea!

What post was withdrawn?


Hey Haden! I’m also a practicioner of psionics, :slight_smile:. Good to see another practicioner here.

It’s basically direct energy manipulation. In most ritual or ceremonial magick you’re calling on an external force. In psionics mostly you’re doing your own work with your own energy.


I didn’t know there was a name for it! I’ve done this :slight_smile:

Yes. It’s good to meet you as well.