Introduction from a tired soul

I’m 37 in this sack of skin, but also like everyone else I have many more lifetimes being experienced simultaneously throughout all time and maybe somewhere else.

I have friends from all walks of life. I understand nothing but all at the same time while doing the stupidest things. I can ask magic to change things without a focus as we are fire, earth, air and water. I can walk the astral plane. I can see without seeing.

I don’t do any of this though as what is the point of putting yourself as a target.

If you want easy power then be stupid and trust the entities that first appear. They will offer it to you, or give it in a subvert manner such as false confidence, wealth or belonging.

Please be who you are meant to be and be kind, love and protect. Then you may meet the ones who don’t give at a price but share.

Yoda funnily enough said it better than me by saying “The path to the dark side is easier” (And it is) but the patience of deeper understanding is worth the wait.


Thank you for the intro and welcome😊

Very true. Welcome to the forum