Hi All

My name is Dimitrios, Dimi for short and I am new to this forum.

during my teens, I practiced WICCA extensively and had some interesting experiences but then took like a 20-year break. I did the occasional meditation on and off and read a few books but I took it more seriously last December more or less following the left-hand path as well as practicing Chaos magick.

The reason I joined this forum is because I am freaking out.

Last December I got the urge to buy my son a child’s book of daemons for Xmas after having an odd dream about it (I was not aware such a book existed) next morning I found an article at the top of my google news feed, which I never checked before but this day I decided to have a look. The article was written by a Christian Taliban from Texas that wanted to ban the book from sale…that intrigued me but as a scientist, I thought it’s an interesting coincidence. After I received the book, I had a look and realized these are made up demons BUT same night I had another dream where a black form approached me and I kept having a very persistent thought that continued even on the next day. These Demons are real and were given to the writer by a few different goetic demons, writing the book was a promise he made. As there is no way I could have possibly come up with such a theory my self I was intrigued so I dug out a few old books from my library, books I bought 10-15 years ago and never got to read, in specific Luciferian Witchcraft, The bible of the adversary and liber HVHI by Michael ford and started with meditation.

A week later I was reading Kip Thorne’s book, “the science of the interstellar” and he was explaining that items with mass create a curvature is a shape that protrudes into another dimension he calls the bulk and of course that is an educated guess, alas for gravity to work the way it does and keep planets in orbit, this dimension needs to be wrapped so 2 parallel lines will meet each other in exactly 1 cm in this dimension, so different math rules and that’s where it gets odd.

The same night I saw a dream where I was seating on the floor meditating but right when I was relaxing a projection of my self was leaving my body and was heading a few feet further where it sat inside a cycle and started chanting an ENN (back then I didn’t know what an enn is so I could record the exact enn but I can guess it) my physical body felt panic and run after the projection and the moment I was touching my projection I woke up. This happened 3 times.
The 4th time the moment I touched the projection everything went black and I ended up staring on the face of a young man wearing a crown and a golden sigil was burning over his head. I recognized that was a sigil but was not sure who it was so next morning I checked all goetic sigils online and boom…G King Paimon, to be frank, I still thought it was just a dream, later that day I began thinking of the kip thorne book in a very persistent way like I couldn’t get it out of my head, however there was a twist. I kept thinking Gravity is behaving the way we know not because the other dimension is curved but because Gravity originates on THAT dimension, in fact, that’s why the other 3 fundamental forces (weak and strong nuclear force and electromagnetism) are soooo much stronger than Gravity. Items with Mass tap on this other dimension according to their mass releasing an appropriate amount, when the mass, however, exceeds a certain amount like in black whole, the items reaps the fabric of space creating a bridge to this dimension where gravity is a fundamental force releasing its full force, interestingly, black holes have no dimensions which agrees with that theory as entering this dimension would rip any physical item apart, even hydrogen atoms would be crushed. I kept thinking that the theory of everything IS the quantum theory while special relativity is only the theory of our 3-dimensional space. I kept having the idea that there are other dimensions like that and that we are in fact higher dimensional objects but due to the construction of our body, particularly coronas we can’t see or comprehend a higher dimension so we see everything as 3 dimensional so the “soul” suddenly becomes a possibility as when you die, your 3-dimensional body dies, but depending on various factors we can’t conclude that all your other dimensions die too, they might be simply released. That does mean that your memories will behold as your brain stores these and this is only a hard drive.

Sorry for the long and boring description but it is hard to believe I thought of all this by myself so now I decided to check who King Paimon is actually and I noticed he does teach Science so that was rather spooky

A month later I began a new job and as I have a commercial role I though meditating on Bune might be more helpful as I had real doubts I would be successful in my new role but oh boy, I am considered top of my game and everyone respects me, I am not saying Bune is responsible but could be.

Then due to Covid I had to move back to my home country where for a month, I couldn’t meditate but when I came back I restarted that’s my experience so far:

King Paimon, the moment I focus on his sigil and recite his enn only a few times and call him to talk to me I feel shadows dancing around me in a totally dark room and then he appears 1 foot from my face, he looks totally different than in my earlier dream, an old man that seems not very happy and he has a less glamourous crown in his head still gold though, no sigils appear anymore, when I ask him to depart I feel cold energy all over my body and feel some serious vibrations from my core to my arms and then out. Anyone else has similar experience?

Lucifer, I need to recite his enn 10s of times and I am not sure he appears but I see a dark form with very big “wings” that cover the whole room appear in the corner and my mind goes blank…even if I try to communicate I get ignored.

Bune. Nothing and she is the only one I actually made an offering, however last night I asked if she is there and I heard a “YES” in my head so I decided to ask her how many stripes various flags have and number started hitting my head before I finished my sentence, I wrote them down and checked afterward and all were oddly correct. Maybe I knew that info all along but I doubt it, I also don’t know why I chose to test her this way. I asked her for a job paying 30% extra closer to my family within 5 months so we have time for that. Today, however, I checked my online banking and found 7k USD extra so I decided to investigate. The money was paid as child benefits back in April by a country I left in January. I am checking my account once a week and I am 100% certain the money was not there until today, there is simply NO WAY I missed that for 3 months!!

Is any of the above making sense or am I getting paranoid in your opinion?


Welcome to the BALG forum.


Welcome to the forum.

Welcome :blush: