Introduction - Beings to help one sleep?

Hello, My name is Phil, I am just your average 28 year old guy. I’ve been studying meta for a little over 9 years now. Let’s see, I spend my days in the pursuit of knowledge, whether it be from books, people, or personal experience. I have a deep love for music and practice vibrational magic’s. Meaning, singing and playing instruments are key in my practices. I have been spending the last 5 years studying the astral and such on my own and am seeking more information on the plane from other points of view. Currently I am struggling with Insomnia, and for personal reasons seek to learn and meet astral beings to aide me in finally overcoming my insomnia. Trust me, I’ve tried so many things, meta is my last ditch effort on that front.

What beings would you all recommend to work with for falling asleep and staying asleep? I plan to do research on any being suggested, but any additional information is welcome!


In Damon Brand’s book “Archangels of Magick” you can work with Metatron to help you sleep when your sleep is disturbed. The book is very versatile and works with a lot of archangels.

In Adam Blackthorne’s book “Sigils of Power and Transformation” there’s a sigils to encourage deep sleep, there’s also 110 other sigils in the book.

Mundane advice:

Melatonin and a sleepy time tea.
THC (indica) or CBD
Cold shower before bed (your core body temperature drops when you sleep so when you are cold already your body falls asleep faster. )
Wim Hof breathing method (look up a 3 round on youtube)
Exercise, this one is super important but when you exercise especially resistance training (weight lifting), you get better quality sleep and sleep deeper than if you didnt.


A few years ago, my mom bought me OTC CBD oil and gummies to help calm me down and relax as I would get anxious over stuff. I was hesitant of CBD after I had not noticed any effect. I started seeing a psychiatrist this year and she said that CBD was inaffective. I guess she was right.
I just felt the need to post my opinion and experience on CBD since I saw the drug mentioned in this thread. Disclaimer: Do not take my post at face value plus I am not authorized to give medical advice. CBD may have different effects on others.

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Nice intro! What instruments do you like to play?

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They don’t like anything that threatened their drug companies. If it’s real CBD it’s effective.

But I’m biased I hate psychiatrists


Acustic guitar, rosewood flute, orthogonal lap drums, A synthesizer keyboard and of course my voice.

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Welcome, welcome!
Brother in vain on the insomnia front.

Awesome! Inever heard of the roeswood flute and the orthogonal drums before.

Metatron can help.

Hypnos always makes me sleepy, so if you summon him, that’s a side effect. I’m sure he’ll help if you ask him