Introduction & Apologize to Sitri

My name is Weslley, 17 years old.
I want to have a life beyond my deepest desires, but I know that I need to change everything. That’s why I met in Goetia 1 year ago.
I’m trying to perfect the way I called Sitri (besides officially apologizing for disrespecting him in a moment of frustration) and other spirits.
[English isn’t my language, so I am accepting corrections].
When I was reading about LHP, it was as if the secret that would free me from so much suffering was revealed. I can’t stand even thinking about the time we lost while we could learn and do things that would give us more control over our lives.
I gained the courage I needed to control my problems, when (in a solomonic erroneous evocation I did) as I quoted those endless words of torture that made me reflect on my diction, I felt tender touches on my face, as when the persons support their hands in cheeks while kiss. I felt into a peaceful trance. Ended the ritual, but then I felt a vibration in my body (I didn’t know much about extracorporeal experiences but at the same moment I remembered of it), in my mind I heard "If you can hear me, I’ll talk to you. If you can see me … it’s for you. If you can imagine me you can reach me. But you need to be open to everything. Lucas, my darling, you need to wait " … so I was scared and i was rude to him (to say the least), I kicked him away from me and as you can see … I regretted it. I tried to call him again but was just a silence felt like he was saying “what you did to me was completely disrespectful”. And although sometimes I feel that he may have forgiven me, I want to make sure he’s not angry with me.

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All of this is your own consciousness: yes, Sitri is an aspect of your Greater Self. Consciousness is the only reality. It is done unto you as you believe. Sitri will be to you as you believe him to be.
While rituals are very potent and entities very real–or as imaginary as you are–you must realise everything is your consciousness at work.

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