Introduction and the truth about working with demons

Hello all I am new yet very familiar with the forum. It’s as of today I decided to make an account to interact and share a few insights to the community. First I’ll start by saying that I have only one year of experience in the occult which you can go ahead and point out how I know nothing yet lol buut I can certainly accept and acknowledge there’s much I have yet to know and experience on my path ahead. Though I am a neophyte , I’d like to say that I know quite much already well maybe what I know could just be neophyte knowledge to some of you like the names of some angels , knowing pretty much all the 72 demons of the goetia. Astral projection , chakras , spells , biblical understanding and not much else beyond these things but anyways let me get to the topic. So currently I am highly indecisive about working and making a pact with one of the 72 demons of the goetia. I was ALMOST going to fulfill these actions with the knowledge and directions from my goetia of Dr Rudd book until I met two old witches at different times who I’m sure I can say without doubt from their years of experience in the occult know much and still are learbing. I wanted to know their thoughts separately on what they thought about working and making a pact with a demon and both of their answers was a straight up and serious no. I didn’t get cocky and brushed off their answer going against my ambition but I’d allowed them to go into why they’d disagreed with such actions and some of their arguments was a little shocking to me and goes against the ideas and " debunked " beliefs about demons. To sum up both of their reasons for their answer , is that of course one is always free to do what she or he wants but if one truly cares about their well being , than they’d better not go into working with demons because demons do indeed want your soul whether they tell you or not , they’re are highly deceptive ( general fact ) and they do not give a shit about us. Again this is what they told me to their knowledge and experience. They elaborated on these statements as well by saying that demons do not want to be in hell that’s the main reason they simply would agree to work with us and agree on a pact. They of course can fulfill your requests and desires but in the end , they ultimately want you dead and in hell. From the many things I read on the forums I begin to look at the nature of some demons that are known out there not so damn near 1000% evil but the statements of these witches opened my eyes to not be so gullible that even demons that aren’t so demonic in human logic so to say are cooperative beings of absolutely no back stabbing intentions in workings or pact. Also tied to this they stated that some demons are smart enough to come inside a magic circle with a magician at the beginning of a Evocation which is a detail I never heard anywhere else even in some occult books. My guts is telling me they’re explainations are truth but I make this post for comments on this topic and more truthful insight with working and making a pact with a demon because I still have my ambition in thought however , I don’t want my soul taken by the goetic demon I want to work with who isn’t of course one of the kings or the emperor of hell himself …honestly those of that ranks I just intuitively know would be too much for me… in many ways yet there are some of you out there who works with the ones on top of the top which I can geez but I salute you all that truly. My question to you all in the forums who apparently seem to work with Demons easily and in harmony I’d like to know what’s truly the experience if y’all are excluding anything malevolent if any that these demons do to you despite your fulfillments and honest relationship with them and are y’all aware of these possible truths with working with demons? Kind of like King Solomon except without enslaving binding and harassing demons , I want to work with one for my personal desires and public goals but through a pact without being condemned to hell if that’s not the afterlife I seek. Thanks to any who respond to this post !

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Welcome to the forum.

A word of advice:

When making long posts such as this, please use paragraph breaks. Reading such a wall o’ text on the screen is hard on the eyes and will pretty much guarantee that no one will bother to read what you wrote. It’s a chore to have to slog through all of that, and anything you want to say or questions you want to ask will get lost.

Obviously, you are not ready to work with demons, You are trapped in the nonsense of the religious mindset, and those “witches” are full of shit.

I recommend you do some inner work and deal with your personal issues before trying to work with demons because they will bring all your shit up to the surface and force you to face the good, bad and the ugly about yourself.

Pacts aren’t for beginners, and you do not need one to work with demons.


Solomonic magick and The Book of Abramelin are foundational texts in Western occultism for a reason. Both show the advantage of first contacting, or invoking, your most godly aspect before ever calling upon a spirit. The idea is, if you wield no divine authority, then why should a spirit even listen to you?

There is some wisdom there, but as it was stated above, you can work with demons in ritual without ever making a pact. The “give and take” (like offerings or sacrifices) that some people view as a requirement when working with a demon can simply be viewed as this: you have a desire that you want fulfilled, and the demon is a raw force of power that wishes to act. It’s a natural agreement.

Demons, especially of the Goetia, are reputable. They’re not mischievous imps. Some people have claimed that tendency of certain djinn, but truthfully, what I have seen of many non-celestial spirits is that they are mostly ambivalent towards humans until we show that we are serious about changing ourselves to change our reality. The utmost respect seems to be shown by demons for people trying to change themselves.

The only honest answer to the question of the true nature and ultimate intentions of demons is “I don’t know for sure.” They serve a cosmic role, sure, but perhaps that is irrelevant when it comes to working with them for results. Work with angels too, and the dichotomy becomes very strange, almost dissolved.

There’s really no need for a pact. Many times, even in a desperate situation, there are plenty of ways to utilize magick to give you the edge to get out using smaller rituals aimed intelligently, and of course changing your perspective.

Demons aren’t dangerous to you as the magician working with them until you willingly surrender your autonomy.


I’ll take the advice !