Introduction ( and some questions )

my name is german (jermaine) lebron , but i would like u guys to call me xinai :slight_smile: i’m an underground rapper and im from ct . i don’t rlly know what kind of magick im into because i don’t know any specifics but mayb u guys can help me ? i see repeating numbers often , mainly since 2019 and i meditate - one of my friends whom is also a rapper recently put me on to this lifestyle- he very close with lucifer and lilith and enchants his songs and does a whole bunch of other shit i wanna learn to do . he made a pact and ended up selling my soul , and is only a year younger than me . how do i build these relationships w these spirits and how do i know if they’re around me ?

that’s me btw :slight_smile:

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Welcome @xinai

I take it you have no experience at all in magick?

I think you mean he sold his soul, as he doesn’t have any authority to sell yours.

I’m from CT too, and at this point am fairly experienced (but I don’t know everything obviously) Anyway, believe it or not, entities don’t really care about “souls” or selling of them. It doesn’t seem to be the type of thing that drives them around. Oh sure they got likes and dislikes, things that motivate them, and also things they will not (or perhaps cannot) grant. There is a whole thread about "experienced magicians debunk selling your soul.Experienced Magicians Debunk "Selling Your Soul"

Magick wise I can suggest draconian if you’re looking for something raw, powerful and dark.

For more material desires I recommend Gordon Winterfield’s Demons of magick, it gives you a full system of magick to work with the 72 demons of the goetia. Angel emissaries and authority are built into the ritual so it’s safe and effective.

For general success/money I recommend either wealth magick by Damon brand or Success magick by the same guy.
Wealth magick has a variety of spirits (angels, demons, other) and success magick works with exclusively angels.

I think if you’re serious about your music career you’d do both wealth magick and success magick.

Here’s a page of success magick:

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yeah sorry i meant his lol