Introduction and some Questions

Hello, I just go by crow. I’ve been somewhat actively practicing black magick for close to two years now. I say somewhat because there have been times where I’ve burned myself out and stop for 2-3 months. I’ve always been told by friends I’m good with dream interpretations, I’ve learned how to astral project in August of 2019, and generally that’s now how I talk to the demons that I work with now. Although it’s still not perfect, and I sometimes struggle to get the correct information or have full conversations. It’s a lot better than it was back when I first did it :sweat_smile: My current goal is to learn to work with black energy and directing it at others who have wronged me. My real issue is I can’t see energy if I’m not in the astral. so, I can never tell if I’m doing something right or wrong when it comes to working with energy.

My question is I’ve met a demon who has virtually no information on them out there. I want to build a better affinity with him, but at the same time I don’t want to ask him for things, because there is nothing that I want or need from him. I just want to build a better affinity, and yes I astral project and talk with him there sometimes, but I’m trying to figure out is there any way I can incorporate some sort of meditation that will allow me to do that without having to astral project every time. It’s the same thing with Anubis, I just met him for the first time yesterday in the astral. I want to work more with him without asking him for things. So, I’m open to advice or suggestions on a way to go about this.

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If you have a demon that you trust, you can have them verify the demon in question for you. This is useful when trying to avoid parasite and imposters when first starting out with evocation.

Look up exercises for clairaudience and clairsentience. I don’t honestly remember if there are any on this site.

There are meditations and the like as recommendations.

As far as seeing better I’ve found the magic eye 3D puzzles can really zoom you along tho.