Introduction and King Belial

Greetings, I’m IRi, and I’m excited to go through the forums to learn as much as possible.

While I’m not new to craft, I am new to diety work with the infernal divine. I’ve been working with King Belial most recently and his energy has been mainly gentle, loving, somewhat sexual, and kind. I typically recognize his presence but a touching/tingling sensation on the top of my head (right side)

I’ve been asking him to allow me to feel his presence stronger, more of him so to speak. Well wow, I got what I asked for I think. The room felt like it jumped up in temperature a lot and I started to even sweat a bit, energy was heavvvy and intense. I felt like I wasn’t quite in my body which made me a little nauseated. I focused more on grounding and asked for confirmation that this was him. I was hoping for the typical scalp tickle, but I did not get that confirmation. Lots of pressure in my head in general, not necessarily painful, just there.

I pulled tarot to try and get confirmation that this was King Belial, but I did not receive his typical signifier card ( for me/him it’s death) but instead received the star card (which is typically my signifier)

All in all, I’m a little confused about not receiving proper confirmation and was wondering if anyone had potential insight as to who this might be if not Belial. Funny though, as I type this, getting the scalp tickle… what a bugger…lol
Any insight or thoughts are always appreciated.


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I have heard that he can appear in a sneaky way like you will not notice him. Im working with him mostly. I havent opened my 3 eye but i can tell when he is.
Cracks in walls around me is common sign for me.
Light fire starts to jump
Pendulum for confirmation
I also can feel touch somethimes on my neck or legs. Yet sometimes i dont know it is Him or just my bed cover just touching but i was checking it and it is him.
I have done my own chant in latin to invite him to my room i can share it with u if you want to.
Also i was hearing about that he appears in sneaky way from youtube.
Also you can tell if he is around by observe the insence smoke but i dont know how to read it.
Orlee steward in one of her videos said that to see a sign in a insence smoke.

Here she explaining.


Thank you so much for sharing your gnosis with King Belial. I suppose I was just surprised by the intensity of what I was physically feeling. Those things are challenging to put into words most times. I will check out the video as well. Thanks again.


This is awesome to hear, the same thing happened with Lilith and I the other night and it was crazy intense (wrote a post about it). @Mulberry calmed my fears and concerns afterwards because I was tripping lol. Thank you for sharing your experience and thank you again Mulberry for being there the other night for me! :sunglasses::metal:t2:

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I will look for your post as well Robbie, thank you!

I wanted King Belial to feel like he could be around me, without having to dim his energy so to speak, so I had been totally asking for this. I’m guessing it’s just a “me” problem and I need to ground better to hold space. I think I only had a moment of panic because he didn’t confirm what was happening in his typical way, but in all honesty, I was a hot mess of physical sensations and may not have been able to discern much at that moment. I will meditate more on it this evening for sure.

Have a lovely afternoon,

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Lol I guess I was asking for it too when I said I wanted to feel her :rofl::rofl::rofl: I think I will cast an energy circle to balance things out first like S. Connolly suggests in her books. I cast them every morning anyway before work. Belial N (earth), Lucifer E (air), Flereous S (fire) and Leviathan W (water) I really notice the balance of energy when I do that, I just wasn’t thinking about it that night DOH! :rofl: Thank you for your response, I look forward to sharing more of our experiences together as we grow!!! Have a great rest of your day and thank you again! :sunglasses::metal:t2:

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