Introduction and a few questions

Hello there, I am quite new over occultism, and I am greatly interested in becoming a mage, my name is Luca, pleased to meet you all. Right now, I’'m a normal person with no magical power or experience whatsoever. Unless you can count magical powers on RPGs… Well… Probably not…

Well, I, for a long time, have had a great interest in magick, one could say that I long for the chance to be able to control my life better.

But, well, a few questions:

As many could see, my english is not top-noch, I’m actually a Brazillian, my main language being portuguese. So, I wanted to know if this is bad. I mean, the book is in english, I can read english pretty well, but I wonder if when the time comes for me to cast a spell, do I have to translate it to my language? Can I say it in english?

Also, I never actually had experienced a sobrenatural event, so I’m quite anxious, I really love the occult, but at the same time, it scares me. Is it normal?

Also, what should I know about the real world magick? Is there a rule I need to follow?

And a trivial doubt I have… What is the difference with Magic and Magick? Besides the writting?

My main motivation to (try) to be a mage, is to find happiness for me and the people I care, becoming a mage is some kind of dream of mine.

Once again, pleased to meet you all.

Welcome to BALG luca! When it comes to casting a spell, really its up to you what language you want to speak it in, because really it just comes down to what you will be most comfortable with during the ritual.

With the nervousness, yeah its a pretty normal thing, I really wouldn’t worry about it too much. After the first few rituals you do it should start to go away.

And with magic/magick, its really just a way to separate magic tricks from the real deal.

Well, you’re living in a good place to start. Quimbanda is a powerful system of sorcery.

Nervousness is good. It means you’re open to the reality of it all.

Thank you all for the welcome and for the answers!

Well, in the place I live, there is no mages at all, although I heard from my friend that when he was racing in the road, far from the city with some friends of his, a witch summoned a spirit to torment then if they made too much noise… And he told me some strange things happened. Well, I am rather interested in meeting her, but from what he told me, she is not friendly, that and I don’t know where to find her.

Anyway, I got my interest in magic from RPGs games and from a history my mom told me about supernatural things happening the time my dad read a black magic book. My favorite type of magic (Based from my reasearchs up to now) is elemental magic, I also like summoning and ritual spells…

Well, I have a shy personality IRL, and I wonder if this is going to be a hindrance for me in spellcasting.

So, I kinda wondering, where should I start? And what is true and what is fiction about spellcasting?

Once again, thank you guys for the welcome.

"when the time comes for me to cast a spell, do I have to translate it to
  my language? Can I say it in english?"

You can use any language that you like, so long as you understand what you are saying, and are able to back the words with intent. Even with the use of Barbarous Tongues of Evocation, you still want to know what you’re saying.

It is definitely normal to be afraid of the unknown, which is exactly what is embraced in the occult. I’ve been at this for the past 20 years, and I still get anxious and a bit afraid when I call upon certain forces, or project myself into new realms. Remember: Fear is meant to warn you of danger - not necessarily keep you away from it!

"Also, what should I know about the real world magick? Is there a rule 
 I need to follow?"

The prime rule to keep in mind is this: “There is nothing greater than what I can become.” You are the Living God of your own world, and now you’re on the path to taking conscious control over your existence! It is a journey, and an adventure. Never submit to any man or god, but seek always the reach the next level of your own Greatness in all ways!

"Well, I have a shy personality IRL, and I wonder if this is going to be a 
 hindrance for me in spellcasting."

Not at all. A good deal of occultists are introverted folks, from what I’ve seen. There’s nothing wrong with that at all.

"So, I kinda wondering, where should I start?"

If you haven’t yet, you should check out my e-book, “Become A Living God,” which sets the foundation for your magickal practice, as well as gives you some really good rituals and practices that you can start using immediately.

You can check it out at:


So, in all of my experience, I’ve found that there are 3 main skills that the magician needs to Master, and that once you have Mastered these, all other spiritual functions will become second-nature. These are the 3 Godlike Powers. So, after you’ve taken a good look at the ebook, I’d begin working on developing these Godlike Powers. I’m putting together full Mastery Training Courses to guide you through all of the steps of developing these. I already have finished the Mastering Divination Training Course, and the Mastering Evocation Training Course is going to be released in just a few weeks! Once it’s out, I’m going to start immediately putting together the Mastering Soul Travel Training Course. After these are all out there, I’ll start work on Pathworking Training Courses, which will help you fine-tune your skills, as well as provide you with specific pathworkings which will enhance both your power and your knowledge in the occult, and in the specific disciplines!

Like I said, it’s an adventure and a journey, and it will open up realizations about yourself and the world that you never thought possible!

Welcome aboard, and feel free to post questions and experiences and comments on the forum. This is possibly the greatest collection of REAL magicians I’ve ever come across, right here. This is where the Living Gods come to talk shop, as well as to have some good conversations!


Wow… the man himself welcomed me… I’m honoured to meet you E.A…

Thank you for answering my questions and for the kind welcome! I will buy your E-book as soon as I can, for one of my dreams is to be a mage!

Once again, thank you!