My Name is Tristan
Live in Austria and i am 20 years old
Although i’m that young i am not a newbie on this particullar path.

I gathered much knowledge and experience but i know it is good to go to forums to help others and gather new informations as we know we can allways learn more and help other magicians with our own knowledge and perspectives and insights…

I would say i was allways and am right now atrracted to this kind of practice and stuff as if i was doing this practices before i was born.
And i am sure i am not alone here and that is good.

My struggles are well to get firstly a stable job.
Spiritually~ Learn to kontrol my power(s) that i got trough my kundalini ascension and illumination it is Intense sometimes and mysterious how it works.
More closenes to Lucifer outside of me and the Lucifer in me.

Get to know Baphomet and his rites.

So here i am
I am excided to work and help with you all.

With friendly greetings



What do you practice, and how long have you practiced it?


Every individual here is different


I learned that particularly what im doing must not apply to anybody unless it works.

So that sad.

Started when i was 14 interested when i was 10 i believe there was more and had many ghostly encounters worked with pendulums Evocation rituals circles invocation cards by that Time. With 14 i irregularly started to meditate to learn to control my body and mind and behavior.

Breathing exercises, vegetarianism (still now) ,
16 i got inspired by to chant daily three times Jewsus Christ the God from religion of my birth.
But my main goal is and allways was to achieve magical powers in any forms and that was why i did it.wanted to create a jing jang so i hallfway chanted Satan (by that time).(And i ignored the Principal that this jewsus will me not bring far in that manner of power Satan will)
With time i got illuminated, possesed by a angel had a heavenly encounter( yes angels can posses).
Landed in mental hospital because of that i was getting nuts . It was too many thinks i couldnt handle in that time.

Got help from Lucifer he introduced himself in my life and is my patreon my Guidance and closest helper and friend .
Stoped smoking got out of medicins that are toxic and deadly to spiritual progress stoped wasting my sexual energys.

And i realised with time what Aura and powers i got trough this and now i wanna control my massive energy and be more direct and focused.

My practice now.
Daily two times Meditation with Lucifer Mantra .
Surya Mantra Satanama mantra . Yoga exercises focused in Solar plexus.

Aura work Cleansing.
And i fondly study now too a very interesting side i must say.

Thank you for elucidating more upon your experience.

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No Problem :slight_smile:

And something the the w to Je it is is my personal disrespect for him . Since i experienced not pleasent stuff with it and lost my respect for it.

If any jew reads this please dont take it personal it isnt intendet for you but the creation you did.

And i am unapologetic about it.
It isnt anything about politics etc intended.

And i will not include in the future this Topic anymore.

So be it clear

Dont ban me .

Thanks for understanding