Introducing Myself

Hello, my name is John, and I am new here and mostly new to magick, though it has been a topic I have had some interest in for as long as I can remember. I was raised Catholic so naturally was told that all things magical are wicked and evil, but also that there is power in ritual and intent, so it did not do the best job in warding me off from having that interest. I consider myself drawn to the left hand path, since in many ways I have had to handle things for myself and be more unconventional in life as I was born with some physical issues that meant I was never going to have a ‘normal’ life to begin with. I have lurked in some subreddits and read some of the basics about magick, and even performed a very small number of rituals (with encouraging results), but after a very rough year in 2018 I have decided that I really want to get a better handle on my headspace and feel more like I have some control in life and discipline in my mind. So I thought I would introduce myself, and I look forward to getting more familiar with the people and topics here.


:hugs: welcome to the forum! Nice to meet you!


Welcome to the forum.