Introducing myself

Hey everybody. I’m Eli. Here’s a little bit about myself. I’m a young student from the UK and basically I’m here to learn, but also to share my own experiences with magickal practices, and I hope to help where I can. I think it means the world to a beginner to read about other people’s successes and problems along the way. I won’t say that I’m ‘experienced’ but the will is there, let’s hope that counts for something!.

I’ve thought it over many times, and the only think I really want, is for my cat to get better. Morgan isn’t just my cat, she’s my best friend. Sure, money would be nice, what girl doesn’t like nice makeup or shoes…but I really just want her to be healthy, and happy. I’ve known Morgan for my entire life and we’re closer than most human families :slight_smile: I can’t imagine life without her. (so I’m not going to, not just yet). Morgan is 17, beautiful, a little on the heavy side, and so so strong, physically but especially mentally, whereas I’ve always been a scaredy cat. I really admire her. She’s strong willed, and always stood up to dogs, male cats, and more frightening, my mother. 3 months ago she was diagnosed with cat breast cancer, the tumor, uterus and probably the ovaries have been removed. Through it all, she was just…amazing. She healed from the major surgery just fine and faster than any person would’ve, and has been alright since. She plays with me, follows me everywhere, eats like a linebacker and doesn’t look like death warmed over. Lately though I’ve had the feeling something was off. I can’t say for sure yet, but I think the cancer is back.

I knew about New Avatar Power before, didn’t really get any results from my workings then, either way, I didn’t really have a clear goal in mind.
Now I do. I’ve done the NAP ritual to bring health, asked Elubatel for success and a general purpose ritual for good measure. something has happened for me today and I know it’s the NAP angels working. My dad felt something on her body that wasn’t right and made an appointment with the vet. I know this is the angels way of saying to seek medical treatment, and they knew I was so scared to do this, so I am grateful already, everything is being set in motion. The appointment is tomorrow, and I’m casually dying a 1000 deaths now until 3.30 PM tomorrow. I will continue my NAP healing rites, spend some time here gathering information on healing, and sort of gather a plan of action…The vet could do treatment and I’m going to try to do something as well. Any and all suggestions are welcome, really!

Sorry for the novel. I’m glad I was able to write about this, and I’m going to try to stay positive.


Welcome @Eliade

How long have you been practicing?

Is NAP your only experience?

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Hi DarkestKnight,
I’ve been practicing on and off for about a year now, though I’m a curious person and just read a lot.

NAP isn’t the only book I’ve worked with, I have some experience with hoodoo/rootwork namely spell jars and mojo bags. Candle magic is something I’ve tried as well.
I’m open to learning more about new practices, right now I’m mostly gathering information and reading through people’s topics. Evocation is something that interests me, but that may take me some more time. I’m getting better at meditation (pretty bad ADHD) so I’m just going to take it slow for now.


Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot. I hope to learn a lot and maybe use some of my experiences to give advice where I can. :slight_smile:

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Welcome :slight_smile:

Idk if you know this already but there are meditation techniques specifically for people with ADHD. Instead of calming the mind down they aim at overloading the mind (focus on as much stuff that is happening as possible) and thus reaching the same meditative state.

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