Introducing myself

Hy there,
My name is Idris I’m of course new to magic i want to have a mentor to help each other, i know some white magic of talisman reading from various books like picatric and sun of knowledge i hope together we will make a wonderful living world for ourselves,

Hi Idris, welcome and may you have many successes with your magick!

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Thanks @jackie anything for me?

Do a chart with your strengths and weaknesses.
Build your path on the strengths and improve your weak points. Stay away from indulging your ego as ego always leads astray.

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Well says! Thanks once again,

But how do i create the chart? And how do i know my strength air?

Draw a line in the middle of a sheet of paper
Left your strengths i.e. “I’m a quick learner”, “I have a lot of friends” etc. Right your weaknesses like “I drink a lot” and so on.

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