Introducing Myself, Traci Moon Aka. my Magickal name VenuShian

I was in my crib as a baby the first time i saw a dark entity. I call him the “hat man” he had a top hat, tail coat and would come to my door to watch me as i slept.

I have seen angels, I almost got hit by a car at the age of 3. I ran out in front of a car at the K-Mart parking lot as my mom and i headed in the front door. The lady driving the car, didnt notice me, as she was talking with her friend, in the passenger seat, when all of a sudden her car stopped. She looked up and infront of the car to see me, passing to the other side. She said her car stopped and she did NOT have her foot on the brake. What i saw was a huge Angel put his hand on the hood of the car so that i could pass.

I could go on and on about all the spiritual things that happened to me as a child, teen, and adult. The key point, is that I started off on the Right Hand Path because i didnt have knowledge about the LHP. in 2020 My BF and I met, and spent lockdown with each other, and we jumped right in, practicing every day, magick, meditation, telekinesis, etc. I am already master of psychic abilities, reading minds, tracing energy, etc. My Magick Practice has quickly ascended and I am LOVING the LHP and will NEVER go back to the Christian Sickness and “white” magick. I am here to evoke change, with dangerous way of thinking with weaponized words ready for battle, Just like Koetting. I am happy he has found a new platform and can continue creating this change too. Due in part to him and Michael W. Ford, I am on this path for good!

Evoking Lucifer was my first experience on the LHP, he appeared quickly and easily. He is so lovely to work with. I consider myself a Satanic Luciferian.

My Magick Spells work for me, so why not keep taking it to the next levels, over and over again. Not just one lil spell, but almost ALL OF THEM. Plus its important to keep in mind putting up protection on a regular basis. Just because you put some up 2 years, ago doesnt mean its working that great… you do it on a regular and practice, and everything becomes a routine!
Well, that is good for now i guess, if theres any questions, just ask.

xo, Traci Moon aka VenuShian

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