Introducing myself, Hello! aha (Posted in the Intro forum too)

Hello! First off, i never thought I would ever be reaching out to a forum like this or anything similar. Lately I have grown an interest in all of this, a thirst for knowledge sort of. I consider myself beginner of the Left Hand Path because it’s what I’m most drawn too. Let me give out the basic info so at least you’ll have background on me because I am a noob and will be asking tons of questions in the future haha

My name is Ryland, well my middle name. I would like to remain as anonymous as I can until I am more comfortable. I am 24 years old, for the past 20 years I have been mostly Atheist by nature. Even as a kid I never had any pull towards Christianity despite growing up in a semi-religious family. The picture on my profile is me, not scared to show my face because this is the path I want to take. I’ve recently become interested in the occult and demonology through Satanism. I never thought I would become a Satanist because of my beliefs but I’m not interested through a deity but through the values it upholds. I’m already a somewhat confident, and enduring person as it is. I have started my path with a rite of renunciation (just in case of any doubts) and pretty much my first question is, What’s next? Some recommendations to some good books and texts would be dope, I can snag them on my next check. Note there aren’t any occult stores in my city sadly so I have to order online most of the time. But anyways thanks guys for having me and hope to have a positive experience coming my way and i’m looking forward to it!

Thanks, Ryland

Welcome to BALG, do you speak Russian?

I do not, I am from the states haha

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Welcome to the forum!

Welcome to the fourm.