Introducing myself + a question about my first attempt with contacting Lucifer

Hello all,

I’ve been lurking for some time and decided to pull the trigger on joining up. I’m a 27 year old male from west/central Canada. I’ve attempted to dabble in the Occult off and on for years, but I’ve recently gotten much more serious about it, due to some difficulties in my life. I know I’ll learn a lot from the members here!

So, I’ve had a ton of problems in my life the last year or so, like a divorce, failure at job applications, money issues and so on.

Tonight I attempted to contact Lucifer, by drawing his sigil on a piece of paper, gazing at it whilst listening to his Enn being chanted on a YouTube video and verbally saying “Lucifer, come to me”. My goal was to get advice from him and ask him for guidance.

While, I didn’t hear or feel anything. I did see the sigil flash/glow like a lot of people describe.

After I had finished I felt a little discouraged, but I noticed what looked like maybe a fruit-fly or gnat flying around my right shoulder. While that might sound like a lot. I did this in a closed boardroom at work in the Canadian winter. I was pretty surprised to see a bug buzzing around me.

What do you you all think it means, if anything at all?

Thank you in advance.


Welcome to the forum.

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Well, I’m not sure if it means anything since if there are any bugs they’ll try to find warm places.
It could mean something…or maybe not…I can’t really tell.

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Not sure about the bug but it might be a sign from Lucifer. I don’t know why when you said that part I thought of Beelzebub.

So what I would say, if you’re new, it might be that your psychic abilities aren’t developed enough. I would learn how to develop your spiritual senses. Start doing daily meditation (if you aren’t already). But rest assured even if you didn’t see or hear anything he heard you. Just ask him to speak to you in dreams, visions, signs, and symbols until you are able to see and hear him.



Yeah, I’m pretty green. I really do need to meditate more.

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Hi, Srobb1, welcome! I use the system in a new book for my work contacting Lucifer. It’s called “Lucifer and the Hidden Demons” by Theodore Rose. It’s on Amazon, and not too expensive.

It is a different system from the usual, involving more mental work, but it’s also not complicated and is good training. Good luck!


Hi Everyone! I am new here as well. I stumbled upon EA’s YouTube channel 3 yrs ago. I hit the bottom of my life . I was almost ready to leave my family due to the hardship that I carry.
I finally contacted EA for help and I am feeling way much better. Thank you EA.
My trouble is, I would like to evoke a spirit from the goetia from the master series of evocation. I am still have a fear on evolution. Though I can feel spirits and see them sometimes and it doesn’t scare me. But if ever I will attempt to evoke I don’t know what to expect and do if the spirit will appear in front of me. I also have little children. Will this be a problem? Thank you!

Hi @darkforce Please post your own introduction and tell us a bit about yourself and your magical experience, rather than piggy backing on someone else’s.

Oh! The first evocations are always the most frustrating ones! I still remember when I was unable to hear or see spirits and I doubted if the evocation worked or not or I was just crazy.

It can be certainly frustrating as first, but don’t give up! It has been my experience that if you pretend to talk to spirits, even if you don’t feel them, they can certainly hear you.

Try to develop your senses through exercises and you will surely get it :wink:

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@Coleen how do you like that method? Have you had any results? I’ll certainly be looking into that book!

@Srobb1, Yes, I have used the book quite a bit since I bought it in Dec. 2018. I am very happy with both the process and the results. Every working involves Lucifer, so you contact him alot. The workings I did involved making changes to some aspects of my life which have indeed changed in a smooth and non disruptive way. Since you mentioned that you are just starting a serious practice, one working which might interest you is to Satan to ‘intensify and discover magickal ability’. The method uses only demons, with no angels, so I would classify it as non-Solomonic tradition. It’s well written, too, which is nice. The paperback is under $20 and the Kindle is $9.

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@Coleen that’s awesome, thanks!