Introduce Yourself To Members Of The Forum

I got your e-mail saying which address you wanted to keep, and opened the account associated with it, closing all your many others, please stay with THIS one now though and don’t make any more, or I will ban them on sight.

I don’t think you’re trying to deceive us but rules are rules. :+1:

ok thank u

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My Name Is Faiz, I’ve been on this Path from 6-7 months. I’ve been praying to lord lucifer from a long time. But from the past six months I’ve been introduced to Goetia and It is a very clear message for me that this is my calling towards lord lucifer and i wanted to have a scan❣️

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Could you he a bit more detailed about your magickal experience instead of your mundane? How long are you practicing and what are you practicing, or what are yours interested at.

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I introduced myself shortly after the introduction invitation Msg.
Is it the protocol in this forum to introduce myself in each topic? If so that’s fine.
Ok, so I’m an innate.
I know dogma of various magical and religious practices from all over the world but I refrain from using them in favor of my own intuitive processes. I understand your curiosity and it’s only natural to want to categorize me.
In short, I do as I please.

The only introduction of yours I see is the one above where you say nothing about your practices or how long you’re practising.

No, just once but you have to actually introduce yourself, and more specifically:

So you’re not practicing? You just know from an academic point of view?

Personally I don’t care to “categorize” anyone, we ask specific things from an introduction in order to avoid situations where one may introduce as a total newbie and suddenly starts giving advice to other newbies like they have years of experience or vice versa. Its our way to avoid trolls and know whether someone is larping or not.


Innate magic is a practice for sure.
It comes from within. No rules are required to access it.
Belief is a word that’s been in use since the late 12th century. It’s a contraction of the phrase, “By my life” or more simply, “By life (itself)” which is, in essence, an oath to swear by the truth of a matter.

I’ve actually gotten more more esoteric insight from the dictionary than any other mystical literature!
I only use the exhaustive/unabridged for my purposes and not the concise.
It has to have the etymology of the words complete with the evolution of usage.
For instance, the word cereal, comes from the veneration of the Goddess Ceres. That’s just one example among over 200,000 words in English. The Oxford English Dictionary contains full entries for 171,476 words in current use (and 47,156 obsolete words).
Words are constantly being added and retired.
We are all active participants.
The entire English language, is incantation if you study it.
My dear friend, Star Newland, who has now passed through the veil, wrote several books on language sculpting to encourage active participation and to compare and contrast active participation and passive acceptance.
She cites statistical evidence that children hear the words “No” or “Don’t” over 148,000 times while growing up, the majority of which is before the age of 5, compared with just a few thousand yes messages.
Is it any wonder that most humans have been rendered powerless?

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Star mentions me (my legal name) in her first book on language sculpting. She noticed that I naturally sculpt and it was so extraordinary for her to spontaneously hear it that she wrote about me! I zero even realized that I was doing it until she noticed!
Star is the woman who had her baby on the beach in Hawaii while being attended by dolphins.

This is one of the reasons why I love BALG.
We have to level the playing field so I’m happy to join in the effort.

What do you consider your earliest, and secondly, your most formative, magickal, supernatural, spiritual (etc) experiences? :slight_smile:

I understand when the magick seems to just flow from within, labels are a bit weird, so we ask for intros to get some idea of what someone’s practice has been like, prior to joining the forum. :+1:

That way, we all get to be real people with lives, and not just random screennames, and it’s led to a higher quality of discusssion in general in the 6+ years we’ve been using this rule. :smiley:

I wonder at the feasibility of raising a toddler without stopping them in any way from doing what they want, though? :slight_smile:

Infant’s brains have little ability to understand risks, especially complex ones like poking fingers into sockets, running into the road, or putting things in their mouths.

Could possibly work in a less technology-oriented society, with banked fires and fewer hazards, and where a loving caregiver is always available to spend all day with the child. I believe strongly that earth goes through different eras and different ways of life so we get to experience all these things.

But it’s important to also remember how far we’ve come: I discovered that some of my ancestors in the industrial heartlands were working in mills and factories from the age of 8 onwards, and the high rates of maiming and mortality, and the brutal conditions in general they laboured under, were the polar opposite of a “no”-free world.

Worse yet were the lives of boys made into chimney sweeps, from the age of 4, suffering abrasions that caused them to have to crawl up tiny flues using freshly flayed limbs and backs, in fear of beatings, suffocation, falls, and being burned to death, and then different cancers from exposure to combustion products high in free-radical particles… that was a hell we can barely imagine, in these comfortable days of central heating.

Bit of a random comment but those poor mites are seldom seen in the history books, and their lives were sheer hell. I hope as a species we are able to continue to evolve… :thinking:


I am Amina
I am looking forward to learning quite more in my ability as human and the comprehensiveness of it’s power. I’d also like to learn to control the energies within me and my surroundings majorly by thought
I just hope I don’t sound lame😬


Do you have any previous practice with any magical systems? You should look into kundalini for energy control. Are you brand new just walking into this? Definitly check out the search feature for any and all of your questions. Good chance someone has already asked it and has been answered multiple times.


I’m me

I’ve no experience with magick really except reading things, haven’t really seen anything yet or been able to do much.

I’m not sure exactly where to start, what the basics are, that flow into the rest of it, as I see people in posts writing instructions to do things that clearly require some basic knowledge or foundations.

So that’d be great.


Hi everyone,
My name is Brooke and I’m new to practicing Black Magick and actually any kind of Magick but I’ve been interested in this my entire life. My goal is to learn as much as possible and become as powerful as I can. I think I’ve finally found my calling in this.


Welcome! You’re eyes are beautiful!


Thank you! :heart:

You’ll find that is a pretty common theme. Most grimores are wrote with a level of expectancy on the writers side. You can find plenty of books for new practitioners but it all depends on what your field of study is going to be. Use the search feature and look around the forum. If you have specific questions you cant find an answer to. Make a post. We have a large variety of magicians here that cover about anything you could look for.


Take a look on this maybe


Thank you. I’ve started “Black Magick: The Left Hand Path”. This forum has helped with a lot of information that simply can’t be found with Google.

So truth, this forum is for people who practice different forms of magic and followed different wiccan paths.

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