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Tell them they’re deluded.



My name is Sam, or I’ve been know to go by TexasAllStar, or Σηθ (Seth) as he has been a guide of mine for the last 10 years.
I am a huge fan of this forum and have read for a long time and thought it would finally be my time to contribute… for the last 10 years I’ve been an (unofficial) priest of Set since he initiated me as such when I was (at the time) agnostic. Since then I’ve been practicing a blend of general thelema hermetecisim and reconstructional paganism, as far as the Magic itself goes I believe for every tree that grows its roots must go just as deep, so I’ve been known to bring the light and the shadow. Lately my goals have been to develop my own psychic senses to see and hear my angels (and demons) more, and my current struggles are mostly with people in my life finding good ones and stability since as a halcyon of chaos and his counterpart I’ve experienced a good bit of the chaos as well as order. Im always up for conversation and happy to share knowledge and answer questions as I am able!



My name is Mariana, I’m from Portugal, since I was young I always felt a connection with magic, I had many visions since then, visions of enteties I don’t know who they really are, I’m only 23 so I’m still learning, I like to do Tarot readings, I like crystals a lot, I work with pendulums too. I recently felt the energy of Cernunnos calling me and Mother Gaia too, I’m here to learn more with other people with the same or more experiences than me, also I dreamed with King Paimon, I saw me opening a book about Him, I don’t know why. I have many experiences to tell but I’m always learning new things,always searching for answers. I know what people are feeling in the moment and sometimes I just know what they are thinking or how they are doing, my really struggle is to find the God’s and Goddess and make contact with them.

Mariana Fernandes


You said you have experience communication with entities, can you help me?

Sure PM me.

Just a quick heads up @Darktheo, that neither you nor @Mariana_Santos have the ability to PM yet. It is restricted by the system for newcomers until you reach a certain threshold of activity by contributing to the community. It usually only takes a week or less to unlock though.

I would also like to mention that newcomers are prohibited from offering any sort of magical service to members for 90 days, which includes readings, or contacting entities on the behalf of others (this includes in PM)


Alright thanks for that, didn’t know.

No worries, just wanted to give you a heads up :slight_smile:


Hello. My name is Kyle and I am essentially a newcomer to the study of magick. I have experience with lucid dreaming, astral projection, and am somewhat versed in Jungian psychology. I am looking forward to learning more and furthering myself on my spiritual journey. I would say from what I know I am likely more predisposed to RHP, but do not know enough about either to really be sure. I hope I am welcome here!

I have generally been interested in metaphysics and only begun my study of the hermetic and magickal traditions about a year ago. All conversation is appreciated! Thank you guys in advance and much love


Hi everyone my name is Brian. I’m relatively new to Magick and am very excited to get started. I’d post a picture but I’m terribly insecure. The kind of Magick that interests me is that of love, sex, and manipulation. As for my current goals I’d like to master my invocations. I have already attempted to invoke Sargatanas and it seemed to have worked, but due to my inexperience I can’t be 100% positive. I asked him to manifest and was immediately met with a rather large silhouette in the corner of my room. I did not feel fear, but rather relief. I asked him to allow me to feel his presence, and immediately felt a very heavy pressure on my chest. I thanked him and the pressure vanished. I asked him to show me his power so now it’s a waiting game. If any of this is wrong or it’s all in my mind please let me know. As for current struggles I’d say just about everything as I’m a newcomer. I’m excited to start my journey down the left hand path.


Hello wonderful people,
My name is Bree and I am a complete newb to the world of occult, spirits, and practices and I’m looking for general advice and guidance. I really like to burn incense for cleansing and comfort and I also use tarrot and oracle for guidance and clarification. I am also working on awakening my spiritual abilities, through meditation. Communication would look like being able to communicate with whatever it is that is hanging around my house. I am new to all these practices and I am really curious about spirit guides and what, I think is, an incubus that’s been attached to me for awhile now. But I’m not sure, hence why I am seeking out experienced individuals.
My current goal: learn more about the spirit realm in regards to guides and communication. Learning how to develop and sustain and incubi relationship.
My current struggle: differentiating between good and bad energy/spirits, ignorance of the spirit world, learning to open chakra points, communication


Hi. My name is Liam. I’m new to summoning demons. I want to summon Marbas becuase I want to be able to help cure some current diseases-{Covid19}. My current struggles are: Not doing well in competitions and not focusing on easy tasks.

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Thank you for doing an introduction as requested @Spojiec

Where do you hail from?

Do you have any experience in magick at all?

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You are a pretty good-looking lass.

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My name is Wisdom and I’m currently on spiritual development.
I’ve had couples of clairvoyance, Clairaudience, seeing obs of lights (light bubbles physically), number sequence (everyday since January 2019).
I’ve not had contact directly with any guide or Spirit but I feel we do give signal occasionally.
My motive to join this community is to learn and explore my knowledge on different topics and contribute in best way possible!!!
I’m glad to be a member of this great community.

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I work with the goddess with the head of a crow and have been a witch in one way or another for my whole life. She is the source of my power, and I invoke her when I need to accomplish something using spiritual means. My current struggle is with maintaining perspective in stressful times and managing my anxiety.

Good luck and good wishes to all of you!


My name is Jose.
I like Chaos Magick.
My Goal is having individual Freedom and Power in
All Planes and Dimensions.
My strugles are obtain a Income,for the Future.



My name is Jhereko. I must admit this is all very new to me.

I have to further confess that I found my way here after the movie Hereditary.

Take that as you will but I wouldn’t be here otherwise.

But now that I am here I find and found it very strangely comforting.

I get the sense of a great level of respect and reverence from all, which is rare.

I don’t know what to expect but I’m excited to learn.

Thankyou for having me here.

My name is Blu (the one I’m comfortable using at least)
I have been practising witchcraft for about 6 months now.


My name Is Kristjan. As the username suggests, I am a psychonaut, “someone who explores altered states of consciousness, especially through hallucinatory drugs” (definition from I pretty experienced on that field, but the magick theme is still new to me. My intention is to combine the two in order to get better results in both magick and psychonautism. I guess my current struggles are getting in touch with a succubus I summoned and also, getting my driver’s licence.

I’d upload I picture of myself, but I don’t have any and I don’t like taking selfies. So just try to imagine a handsome young man with a short beard and a ponytail.