Introduce Yourself To Members Of The Forum

Incoming welcome baskets :alien:

If anyone hits any roadblocks in their practices or wants to expand their knowledge further these may come in handy :alien:

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@1111guy Welcome my man! Always great to see more hoodooists on here. Hope you enjoy you’re stay here!

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Thank you man!

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Hi everyone the name is SomeGuy and I am new to this. Honestly went from forced religion to atheism to well occultism.

I saw all the possibilities of what is available to those who practice magick and would like to learn.

Plus anything on money magick for a broke newbie would be appreciated; kinda in a pickle at the moment.

Please and thanks everyone


Enjoy the ride! :wink:

Take a look through this:

My name is Cedric, my self-initiation to Satan was in 2009 in a difficult period of my life, he (or they) helped me and my mother overcome that period that was postponed for years and that without their help could end badly from the beginning. Since then I try to understand these deities that have always been on our side, but I still can not overcome refraining from contacting them or creating a relationship with them because it seems that I would only be bothering them with my doubts. I have only directly asked something to them 4 times in my life, they always respond, and I feel that they have done much more than I am aware.

I am currently studying to be a psychologist, as a result of my interest in alchemical knowledge, a subject that has always fascinated me. What motivated me to join here was the possibility of sharing ideas and knowledge with other people who think similarly or share the same interest, although I admit I do not know much. Right now I’m struggling to open astral senses to learn more about the astral travels I had, also to commune with the demons more clearly.


Hello! I’m a total, 100% newb when it comes to these things. I already made a post explaining my situation, so I won’t go into it all over again. I hope to learn lots here!


Dobro dosao na forum brate

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No onda izvini. Hrvatski mi nije prvi jezik. Pa morao bi da znam. Babaroga je vjestica zar ne?


Onda uzivaj na forumu pa ako ti nesto treba samo reci :slight_smile:

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Hello, my name is Dani. Im 27 years old and I grew up in the Chicagoland area. My story is a bit of a long one so I’ll save it for another day lol. I joined the forum but haven’t formally introduced myself yet due to a bit of social anxiety I’m trying to overcome. I started studying different types of occult practices behind my fathers back when I was about 13. I was raised Catholic, like I’m sure many of you were. It just never sat right with me even as a child. Knowing that I didnt fit in, and looking over all the strange experiences I’ve had over my lifetime, I decided to start looking for my own path. It took me years to finally find it. I discovered Satanism not long after I had my son who is now 7. The more I learned, the more I discovered about myself… but the more I discovered the more questions I had that needed answers. I started with JOS and honestly had a lot of reason not to stay with them after a while. My boyfriend has been on this forum for a long time and introduced me to Koetting and Aseneths teachings. My mindset expanded even more so since so I’d like to thank them for that :slight_smile: I mainly work with the Egyptian Gods and finally found a pathworking that suits me… I’ve worked with Thoth for a while. He personally taught me a method of AP that worked better than any of the others that I tried… not long after I found something very similar in the emerald tablets. I worked with Thoth mainly but I’ve also worked with Horus quite a bit in the past. With the pathworking I’m taking I will be working with a few others. Otherwise I’ve worked with Andras and Azazel. I have Andras’ sigil tattood on my chest. He protects me, and has actually been with me since I was 8… maybe earlier but I dont remember. I grew up with a very open third eye and for the longest time I was terrified of the astral world and the beings in it because they always seemed to have a way of bothering me. I’m not afraid now, of course. Quite the opposite. I dont fear anything, im slightly telepathic, and can usually hear the Gods. I have constant dreams and visions of past lives, and small things that will happen in the (usually near) future. I can see auras and spirits pretty easily. I’m really sensitive to different energies especially negative. When I’m in a negative mood myself I need to be careful because I’ve produced so much negative energy I’ve actually really hurt the people around me… I’ve learned to control that for the most part. Goals? I do have goals and dreams but they’re so large and seemingly out of reach that I’d rather keep them to myself for now lol. I do wish to go back to school and study Archeology and Anthropology. I’d like to be on more and partake more in the forums and share my experiences down the road. For now I’d actually like to ask you guys to please send me positive energy. It actually took me a couple days to finish writing this because I’m going through a really hard time… my son is really sick and has been in and out of the hospital and doctors offices for a week now. I would honestly really appreciate it :heart:


Welcome sister! :blush:


My Intro:
Hi all, im sher, a 20 yr old guy.

Im really new to everything here so i hope you guys can understand and be patient haha:)

anyway, i am looking into spirit summoning to solve some of my problems after a friend recommended it.

Looking to learn a lot from you guys, thanks. :))


My name is Gwen, I am a 24 year old Transgender women from Australia. I started practising the occult since age 18 when my best friend Ash convicted me about it’s truth and I turned away from Asatruism. I was possessed and my spiritual and astral body was modified by the demonic entity called Omen to become a Succubus. I eventually had him exorcised from my system but it’s left me as a succubus.
Kinds of magick you like
Blood magic
Sex Magic
Chaos Magic
• Current goals
Turn me back into what I was before I was changed against my will.
• Current struggles
Finding a way how to change back from being a succubus spiritual wise.


Welcome, sister


Thank you :heart:

Nissi Cosby
I’ve been studying magick since 2015 but I just acutally began practicing it December 2017. Being a obserer most of my life, and not an action taker, held me back from expericieng the wonders of Magick.
Sigl Maigck, Candle Magick, Knot Magick are a few of my favorites thatsw ive recently used. And im defifnlty looking forward to eploring more about them.
My current goal expanding my writing skills along with reading. I write poetry and also use them in my practices. Hoping to display a book for future people that’ll be interested. I’m currently struggling with keeping my focus on writing ideas, but I’ll hang in there. Thankx guys!


Hello, I am Isaac. like you’ve all guessed I’m a skeptic towards unseen forces but that didn’t stop me in the sheer curiosity of something new no matter what it was, Bored, I started scanning through about 4 books composing of topics of Palmistry, Divination and Astronomy. This actually became fun since I liked playing around with people I would start asking for their palms, laying down playing cards, rolling dice and some more. From then my peers would start making fun of me and as if this “Shit” was really, as a good actor (that’s what i thought) I said yes, but more importantly did I believe it? No. From there I started diving in other books and since I was still considered Mentally health I rationalized it was all psychology, so that is what I divided straight into, with that said I got into lie detection, NLP, Hypnosis, Meditations, Cognitive Psychology and heck even Animal Psychology. Now with all this said I am no Expert at any of these fields… Fast forwarding 1 year I’ve got into the same dilemma I Magick Real or not? Then E.A Koetting, I remembered his first video I’ve seen, It was something about Love Spells from there His videos would interest me more and more… What a persuasive mother fucker then comes a video about evoking Godlike powers, “here goes nothing I’ve said” First sense was Fear after 3 repetitions Chanting and Chanting, I’ve continued just to do it, then A dire curiosity came I started collecting books all that are related to the occult, Now I’ve got 1000+ pdf Files just waiting to be printed out

To be continued…

Type of Magick I like is Binding

My Current goal is to round up some people to make a change for the evolution of our race

My current struggle is I guess Fate it is going very slowly


my name is mobin im a student ,broke of corse :sweat_smile: and i moved to a different country ,recently i have been trying to educate my self about the world and etc i do not believe in existence of a single god, or creator but i believe in different dimensions and being who live there ,
i have been searching for a place to educate my self on magic thus far i have only learned little about the third eye and the wonders that are just beyond my reach .I know nothing ; and i dont know any way to start . i do how ever have strong experiences and have deja vu at least 2 times a week so strong that i wonder for a moment if im sleep or not :joy: so i know there is something there .i look forward to learning