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Hi, I’m Karja. I’m 33, living in Illinois at the moment. My mother is Wiccan, but it never really felt right to me. I was always more about balance, after all, what is one without the other? And I felt more comfortable with the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses, though I used to call on others as well. But for the last, I don’t know how many years, I’ve felt broken, lost. My practicing mostly ceased and whenever I tried, it felt…weak or absent a lot of the time. It’s something I’ve struggled with, that and my situation. Simple goals…to reclaim what I’ve felt lost and to improve my situation? Might not be so simple, but I have to try. This forum and site is giving me hope.


You got this! Welcome to the family!


Hi, my username is Red Comet. I used to practice psionics quite a bit (still do now to a certain extent), but didn’t and don’t get any results I want besides PSI balls (basically, spiritual/psychic energy that comes out between your hands to form a sphere, may feel warmth, tingling, electricity, pressure, etc) and some OBEs (Soul Travel, as EA calls it) years back, but for the latter, I stopped trying to have them because of my mind that’s hard to control that may think of scary things, and I didn’t want any horrifying experiences. I want to be able able to better control and clear my mind, so I may ask about meditations or mental exercises I could do to try and keep my mind as quiet as possible, not just for psionic activities or magick, but for life in general as well (I’m currently a college student, so attentive listening skills plus a strong and long attention span would be helpful).

And honestly, what got me interested in magick and the occult was curses. I have heard lots of stories about them, about objects in reality that are very likely to be cursed because of what happens to their owners, such as the Hope Diamond. While they are terrifying, I also found myself to be very fascinated by them. I eventually found EA and I am really liking his videos so far, and from him, I found this website and forum. This forum, by the way, is fantastic; it has a great format, is very active, and I’ve started browsing around a little, and pretty much most of you, if not everyone, are pleasant, intelligent people, so I will be very happy to be a user here :slight_smile: . This is especially good news because the online presence of psionic forums have shrunk down by quite a bit these days. Anyway, there is more to magick than cursing, and they all look interesting, notably evoking spirits. I’ve never done magick before, but I start my journey now, and I’m glad you all are there to help out. :smiley:


Welcome and enjoy the ride. :wink: Please do remember to use search-option a lot. It is very useful and gives a lot of answers. (Personal experience :stuck_out_tongue:)
Thank you!


Hey, forgot to introduce myself to the forum…but hey guys my name is Robbie! I’m pretty new to all this, but my reason of doing magick and studying magick is because I never really had a good life, and I’m still young. I am 14 years old… and my dad was diagnosed with colon cancer, he’s currently not feeling too well. And he personally thinks that he is about to die. I want to cure him from this cancer by the help of spirits and master evocation. I already bought EA Koetting’s course because ofc this is very important to me, I’m willing to spend a fortune to master black magic and evocation so i could turn my shitty life around and most importantly cure my dad. I’ve been meditating and doing mantra for 2 weeks or so and have opened sigils…my aim is too contact Lucifer because I’ve always felt like I have a connection with him

I really wish i can evoke a spirit during easter, does anyone think thats possible?


You can evoke a spirit right now.

Start doing the LBRP every day - Is there a daemonic version to the LBRP - #31 by leo

When you decide to evoke a spirit, just get the spirit’s sigil and enn, and call for the spirit.

You can also use these chants to make it easier to connect - 4 Incantations To Conjure Limitless Power [EAK] - Become A Living God


do u mean look at the demons sigil and just chant his/her enn??

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@Robbie_Kwong there is an entire thread for posting introductions here:

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Done, thanks for the @-magick. :+1:

@Robbie_Kwong try this for a start:

I’ll also PM you some links for finding your way round in a mo (green icon, top right) and do a general search on here for the terms healing and cancer as well. :+1:


Really sorry for messing up the intro. Didnt mean it


No worries! :+1:

All forums come with “move topic” built in, it happens.

If you want to make a new thread asking for healing advice and so on, go right ahead - take a look at some search results then hit us with the questions that come to mind about using the various methods, that will give us a more specific context for helpful answers. :smiley:


Hello I’m Luna
I’m very new to magic and think I have 3 basic patrons whom I call upon or have an affinity for me.

I live in Dallas and am going to go through a lot of videos to gain more understanding.

Sometimes I feel very lost and inept and slow to gain my ability to work magick.

I’d share a picture but it could lead to problems therefore I’d do so in a PM.

But would love tips on emotional balance, charisma and intuition. I love working with demons and for right one want patron/friendship and maybe more



Hello all, I’m the Nasty Woman™️ that Trump warned you about and I like black magick, pastel colors and bones.
I’ve been researching magick for 12 years and have found I rather enjoy working with demons. Honestly that’s it, so let me throw a picture up on here to make this post seem more substantial.


I’m older than I look, trust me :sweat_smile:


Hello. You can call me Ashe.
I like to work with the elements, and I have found I have a talent with some divination via dreams and channeling.
It’s nice to meet you all and I’m glad to be here.


seja bem vindo DANIEL, sou do brasil também, que bom que encontrou este fórum, aqui vai encontra muita ajuda em duvidas.

Hi, I’m Meredith I’m just trying to learn and hopefully practice with success. I’m starting off slow, some jar spells, sigils, nothing crazy, I don’t want to hurt myself. I considered myself to be an empath, maybe I still am to some degree but I realize that because of this, I was being trampled on, allowing people to get away with things and not having them be held accountable for their actions. I can’t help that some people are just animals with no conscience but I can certainly help myself when dealing with them.


I was also raised a Jehovah’s witness! It’s interesting to see that a lot of the introductions include Christian backgrounds. Although it’s the most prevalent cult, its good to see growth come from being caged and told what to think. Glad you escaped! I’m on Instagram if you wanna connect or just say hi!


I’m not allowed to send private messages yet on here as I’m new on the forum. :speak_no_evil::speak_no_evil::speak_no_evil:


Hails from the Midwest!

There is a lot about myself, that I will not disclose. After all, everyone enjoys a decent mystery… :yum:

Age 29
I grew up in a severely strict xtian household. Around 18 I started to think for myself, and not let the Christian cult do it for me. Around age 20 I officially excommunicated myself from it (despite the fears of my family disowning me). I delved back into my cultural roots, or attempted to without a guide. In the process, I broadened my mind to astrology, and the occult. Had my first tarot reading in 2009, which blew the incapacitating lid of my mind completely off. Over the past 2-3 years, I’ve been studying and delving into alchemy and demonolatry.

My goals are to advance myself spiritually and physically. To push myself through the mental learning and struggle to experience the forbidden.

My fears are mainly not being knowledgeable enough, and letting in an “other” spirit, and not being able to banish it. This is why I’ve been studying more than practicing and ritualizing. I joined this forum to get the motivation that I need more than anything to move my ass in gear and not let anything stop me.

Although I’ve been conservative with my evocations, I have made connection to Azazel twice, and offered blood.

Hobbies ie: reading and multiplying my library, writing, hiking, swimming, camping, traveling, gardening, video gaming, metal concerts, sunsets…

Favorite kraft workings:
Demonolatry, lucid dreaming, earth/green magick, Luciferianism, ancestral spirits, elemental and earth spirits, candle magick, clairvoyance, dreams, tarot, animal spirits, herbalism…

I live through feeling. Touch is magick, and magick touches all planes of existence. Generalized labels of what or who we are such as Witchcraft, Satanist, Luciferian, Pagan, Wiccan, etc, are beneficial for describing us and finding comrades, yet…further imprison us and what we COULD be.

I’d like to find like minds and life long friends in my solitary cave. Let’s connect!


Welcome, you have come to the right place!:corar: