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Hi everyone^^, my name is Antonio but I prefer to be called Dynami or Sin. I came to esoterism a year ago and I continued to study a lot to find out more about this subject, i study a lot of tipe of magic; Chaos magic, alchemy, Kabbalah, ecc. to be able to elevate myself to a superior state (i also use it Buddhism and Yoga, but with yoga I have no experience and I want to learn). Now my first step to became a “good mage” is purifing the Nadis and activate the kundalini, after this i can do more. Now I’m trying to control and transmutate the emotions to complete the part of Nigredo in alchemy and build the “Soul body”. I hope to find more information on this forum and grow spiritually to reach very high levels in practice, thank you for your attention ^^


As the downpour of mysteries soaked and dampened the sands of time;It continues to mold and fold itself to form a pyramidical mortal of an edifying endless labyrinth to a place which cannot be found “within or without”. An endless journey to the within and repeated journeys to the without are but triggers to put one into readiness.

I have been lurking around for a while now;Wordlessly being perceptive about the collective consciousness of this community and at the same time asking myself a simple but pivotal question - Will this community really help one to ascend? Now that i have my answer, I suppose i should go ahead and introduce myself.

I go by Odet. The first door that opened me up to the Occult opened me to the Astral where i have seen and experienced things i partly comprehend but can’t explain. This is the main reason why i joined BALG - I want help in opening the door at “will” instead of sitting around and waiting for forces to open it at their own will. I have dabbled into a lot of things, most of which produced no visible/pleasant result but at least they opened my eyes to some half-truths.

I am not a black magician. I do not consider myself one and i didn’t join BALG so i could become one. I simply want to tap into the knowledge of the few sages here so i could incorporate their help as a catalyst to the reactions on my pathway.

I do fancy Invocations/Evocations albeit i haven’t had any success with it. Anyone capable of rendering a solid aid on this should please PM me;I would really appreciate it.

Someone versed with methods that’s different and distinct from the likes of - Imagine a big white cloud and below it, imagine a red tower with a red flame on its apex,then imagine four pillars :each representing the four elements. Then imagine yourself going round the tower and at the same time, focusing your intent at the four pillars. Do this for 5minutes and then say the word PIZZA 40times -

Though this is an effective method for many, it doesn’t just quite resonate with me.


New member here, just found you today.

I’m not a magick practitioner but it interests me, the collective unconscious, and the workings of things without reason.

Just maybe gonna poke around a little bit and check the place out!



My name is Niko (not my real name, obviously. Hope this is fine). I happened to come across this site after a random search. I am completely new to any of this, and so far I’ve yet to experience anything like the people on here have. I may look more into to white magick, as I am, for the most part, a man of faith. My goal as of now is to get more acquainted with the arts of magick and try to find a general sense of understanding.



You guys can call me Solar or LotusArcane, I am 21 years old and I’ve been interested in the occult and witchcraft since I was about like 12ish or 13ish year old.

My beliefs have been like a roller coaster. I gave my life to Christ when I was about around 14 years old. Why and how that happened? First I was searching on meditating on angels and God and stuff like that. Mostly related to new age religious stuff. I then went to church the day after I did this meditation on connecting with God or the angels. I heard a voice say ‘go’ to the altar call. I didn’t understand at first since I was young girl so was like okay I’ll go. which I’m assuming it was Jesus himself

So later on I’ve followed a few Evangelical Christians on YouTube and prophets/prophetesses that claim to be of God who give out messages and warning of tribulations and chaos and also the rapture and all that end times crap. Later on I became paranoid and afraid of these people aka prophets of God because they would literally curse you and say he/she will die at this day or year. I’ve even followed on how I need to dress as a Christian woman so I won’t go to Hell for dressing sinfully before God. No makeup only dresses no jeans no jewelry nothing flashy. Almost Muslim like. So couple months went by and I forgot about God and Jesus and anything related to religion it’s self. Then I started going through Hell in my High School years. Depression, social anxiety, crying spells, mood swings, sexual addiction, getting bullied and sexually harassed, and losing friends which in fact I never had any real friends. Well I not going to put a whole story on everything on how this and that happened and shit so those are just a few thing that happened to me during high school.

Now it’s been 2 years that go to a psychiatrist and take prescription drugs and well I’m having good progress but slowly.

I looked up on demons and the left hand path. I was very intrigued about it. But I’m a newbie and I’m starting off slow with working with other demon lords like Lucifer, Satan, Rosier and a few whom I’m interested to work with to help me out on my rituals or life in general.

My goal is to achieve godhood, immortality. May sound crazy but it could be possible I just need a bit of help.

To become a successful sorceress and explore the astral realms and learn and expand my knowledge on the occult. I want to learn astral magick and build astral worlds and make powerful servitors. :slight_smile:

I’m in love with servitor creation because we have the power to create things and manifest it and work with it in our lives.

I also want to build good relationships with other entities too. :slight_smile:

Idk what else to write but there’s more I would love to learn about in the near future.

Dark Blessings,



Hello, I go mostly by Frankie or Frank, I am new to the site and new to magick.

I have been thinking there is more to life than meets the eye and I have started a journey to find the truth a few years back starting around 2012. This is when my life started to change as I explain below.

I was born and raised Roman Catholic and because I thought it was too creepy, I left and a became a Pentecostal Christian after marrying my wife. I used to see a Tarot reader and used Rune Stones and was reading about Astrology when I met my wife and she did not want to have any part in it. She said it was bad to be messing with things like that, so I listened and it was all thrown away and slightly forgotten about.

After 19 years of marriage, my wife passed in 2013 to cancer. During that time, I would pray to a God I thought would answer me and heal my wife like the church said He could if I just believed and yadda, yadda, yadda. Not once did I get an answer, so I started to question the God I thought I knew. Well, I now know what God is and I feel bad for a bunch of people, but that control is in place for a reason and is needed for them.

So I went back to what I knew. started to meditate again and searching for answers. l found a lot of different ideas or ideologies other than mainstream Christianity. I started in Gnostic teachings from Samael Aun Weor and I have moved into other areas of Hinduism, and other forms of meditation. I also started to learn about Reiki and accessing your Akashic record.

My third eye as far as I know is still closed because I don’t see the shift like others have claimed you see when it is opened. I am not too sure what path I am on anymore because I have started to learn about Hermeticism and have purchased 2 books, one is Kabala Magic by Lyam T. Christopher and the other is by Israel Regardie, The Golden Dawn.

Just after I started to get unplugged from my Christian programming and believing in demons and hell and not being so scared of the stuff, I find there are demons and all. But this time around, I am not so scared of it and I am not sure why.

I have started doing the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram for about a week and a half now. I am wanting to master one thing at a time before moving on. I usually do this at night before I go to bed as it is the best time when the house is quiet.

I am thinking about getting the course from E. A. Koetting on Mastering Divination so I can read my own Tarot and work with my Rune’s better.

Any help, guidance or advice is always appreciated.



Hello Everyone my name is godflowpussypop
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It is lovely to see so many ex-christians :slight_smile:
Are we recruiting or something? lol

I was raised christian as well. 2/3 days a week in church for my whole childhood. I heard the same thing intuitively every time: “You will never be good enough”, and “Jehovah can’t hear you”.
Of course not! Not my maker.

Well anyways it is so glad to see that there are people who can resist the programming or who’s intuition screams louder than the Preacher’s fear doctrine.

Welcome aboard :smiling_imp:


If you keep at it, it becomes your life.



So tell me How do you know…I was Christian.??


I know nothing…How can I use it without having a negative impact on me or my loved ones??


Hello all. My name is James and i am 20 years old.
Im from Europe.
I am new to this forum , but im not new in occult. I had been studying,researching, practicing occult for couple of years now. I started in my teens years when i was like.-… (15-16)…
I have experience with theta and gamma syncs… But i dont have any experiene with OBE.
I studied and researched alchemy, gnosticism for very long time now… and im mostly into old-rituals types of stuff.
I have some experience with couple of other things in occult…, but im far from expert.
I started to go deep into occult studies, because of: -KNOWLEDGE and -POWER.
However in today world money is power and knowledge is money. So im now studying types of divination (prediction of future events and alike).

Glad to be here.


I am 23 years old guy from New Delhi .
I am not comfortable in revealing my name you could just call me captain howdy lel xD and or pic due to security reasons
I am spiritual satanist .
Attaining a higher state of conciousness through kundalini yoga , meditations is my spiritual goal .
As for material goals are concerned I have just given exams for my commercial pilot license . Gonna go for a type rating .


Hello, this is Zeela and I’m new at this thing…
But I’m really curious and want to give this a chance. I would love to learn how to astral project, maybe talk to some beings and learn the truth…


Hello,my name is Chris, I would like to get rid of my addictions and be peaceful… And I also would like a sign that shows me the way to peacefulness (if that word exists…)
I know nothing about magic,I try to swallow information and tune myself for a greater view of things.
But my mind is the way…


Hi there,
I’ve had quite a few "kundalini awakenings"myself which first happened back in September 1996. It was awesome and at first I truly didn’t know what it was until a friend of mine whom lectured about it at universities etc. explained it all to me. Then I realised what a wonderful thing it was to have happened.

When it still does happen it’s usually within a sex magick working. So I find it not only empowering to experience such cosmic bliss. But if I have a sigil prepared as well? Then it’s a double bonus as it enhances my magick of course. It’s also enhancing for tantric workings obviously.

Meditation is something I still do every night and every day. Mainly from what I learnt after 3 years of studying Tibetan Buddhism from a highly auspicious Tibetan Lama whom was once a teacher to the Dalai Lama himself. He was such a wonderful man but he has left this world and I’m sure he is in nirvana or wherever…in a state of bliss.

Good luck with getting your commercial pilate’s license by the way! As well as your spiritual ascension of course!!!

I hope to visit India one day for so many reasons but especially because of the people and the colourful Hindu Religion which is so beautiful. Along with some people whom practice Islam. Such a spiritual country compared to where I’m from. We in the west could learn so much from your country that is for sure!


Hi @Frankie_D ,

I know what it’s like to be brought up and then still being preprogrammed with Catholicism or anything else, it’s just damn awful.

However it’s sounds like your deprogramming well and doing what is right for you and that’s what counts.

I’m really sorry to read about the loss of your wife. That must have been terrible for you and I understand that one gets sick of hearing platitudes such as: “their in a better place now with God” or “Or God needed them early to be an angel”… yeah give me a break.

I @Frankie_D truly now what it’s like to lose the one you love because it happened to me back in 1996. My then fiancé/partner committed suicide with a 303 rifle and it was a tragic mess. Words can’t convey it. It nearly destroyed me. Plus I bottled up all of my grief. You know the typical “British stiff upper lip” syndrome even though I’m an Aussie. That’s the dysfunctional way my parent’s and schooling brought me up. Talk about dysfunctional!

Point is 5 months later I had a total nervous breakdown over it. Now they call it PTSD of course. I sadly lived a real life awful horror movie. However I had to survive because I had my then young children to look after as a then…single Mum doing shift work. Back then they were darn tough times for us all.

If you ever want to talk to someone whom really understands loss and tragedy without ridiculous Christian or any other religious platitudes? Please drop me a line ok.

Also if I were you I would definitely pursue reading tarot and runes. I read them and they really give me not only enjoyment but answers for myself and others when I need them. I’m sure that anyone could learn how to read them after doing E. A. K.'s course that’s for sure.


Lemme know whenever you do uwu. Pleasure to have you here .


@CaptainHowdy Thanks a lot. I sure will let you know your too kind.

Hope your having a great day today my friend.

Take Care,

Dark Blessings,



My names Dom, I’m 21 years old. Im a death magick practitioner. As well as other forms of magick. Necromancy, black magick specifically. When I started I delved into the dark aspect of chrisianity. The four horseman and Death mostly. Which lead me to finding out bout Santisima Muerte. From there I want to know more about the spirit world. Studied ancient Egypt method and greek mythos. Learned about third eye opening techniques. Moved into transcendalism and higher frequency consciousness. Developed and achecived a state of God-consciousness which allowed to assimlate with my higher self completely. Becoming a God seemed natural to me and tapping into the full capabilities of manipulating life and death was one hell of a ride. But now I’m seeking to further my knowledge of necromancy and death magick. If you have questions about me hit me up and ill tell you.