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Hello i am new to all this so i am trying to introduce myself hopefully i am doing it correctly i didnt know how to start a post do if im not doing it at the right spot please let me know. Intro: i am new to this side for the majority of my life i was a Christian and studied demonology and the deliverance ministry it has not produced things i desire so here i am trying to ground myself on this side…my name is Dimera81 my actual name is Levi. I started out paying people online to do spells for me and got nothing so figured if i want it done ill do it myself i have started candle magick and plan to work with goetia soon…

Welcome @JadeB :smiley:

So how long have you been practicing?
Do you have experience in any specific systems or traditions?

Doesn’t sound too unfriendly but you might want to reserve a little bit of caution around uninvited entities of this type. Heathy boundaries are important and this being just violated your space instead of coming in dreams or signs/omens in a less trespassing and much more respectful way. You never gave your permission for it to come in your bedroom did you? It’s not ok from humans and it’s not ok from disembodied strangers either.

I would be careful about making assumptions about what is is and wants until you have strengthened your psychic skills, as you’re doing now, to make sure it’s motivations are well understood before trusting it. I would caution not to let it into your energy systems or body until you know where it’s been. :slight_smile:

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Welcome @Dimera81

Good for you! I agree, if a job’s worth doing, do it yourself :smiley:

I’m Night Sky, I have been an armchair occult for a few years now. I like to read books on magick. But I want to start practicing. I’m from Canada. I’m hoping to learn from the experience of others and I will be asking questions. Thanks!

Welcome @Nigh_Sky2

Do you have any practical experience at all, or are you starting completely from scratch?

What areas of magick are you interested in learning more about?

I don’t have practical experience with magick at all. I meditate a lot though. Mindfulness/Vipassana practices. Or staring at a candle (Trataka). I’m interested to learn more about Golden Dawn magick, Dion Fortune, Franz Bardon’s system, Thelema etc. and establishing a practice.

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Thank you for the advice Mulberry.This is exactly why I’m here, to learn more about my situation as I have no experience.

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Hi, Im Izzy…
Ive been on my journey of the occult side for almost four years now. Im new to pretty much everything in different ways. Reading is knowledge and I can never get enough.
Ive been working on getting to know the goetia over the last year. We are a household of open minds.
My husband has many talents and I enjoy reading him different goodies from this Forum…

Hello! I go by Futaba. I first got into magic and the occult when I was 8. I was friends with a kid in the neighborhood who really wanted to be a mermaid and ended up finding witchcraft sites and showed it to me. I was really intrigued by the sites and did what any young girl would do and immediately did a love spell. I was really shocked that I got results. I was also pretty shocked when things I thought would be great would come true and predicting smaller things spot on. Also receiving dreams that would usually come true the next day in some way. I told my mother and she immediately took me to church and made me do silly little affirmations to “get the demons away”
Now I am 20 and regularly practice and look into different outlooks on magic. I have always followed the basics of the left hand path but haven’t recently found the name for it until early this year. I am mainly focused on avenging myself, protecting myself, and allowing myself to live life more selfishly. I don’t really use the term selfish because I believe that everybody is inherently selfish and it isn’t a bad word. I grew up terribly. Since the day I was born I have been mistreated and abuse was always the norm. For most of my years my life has been taken away from me as well as basic necessities I need in order to live. I am so over “love and light” and “white” magic. I use magic to assist my wants and needs and I no longer will tolerate anybody who wishes to mess with my life path, hurt me, or use me as a stepping stool. I believe I will reach true happiness and I have no problem with hurting those who have hurt me first. The day I let go of the idea of westernized karma, 3 fold BS, and dogma is when I felt free. If it was truly real, those who have hurt me would probably be dead and my pleas for help would’ve been answered. I rely on myself (and daemons I work with) and I decide how much fold I will give back to the other person. Hell, I’ll make it 20 fold. :partying_face:


My name is Ed and I’m based in the Avalon area, UK.

My background has been in meditation, tantra and shadow work and I really only discovered ceremonial magick about 1 year ago. I’m very much a novice but I’m finding what I’ve learnt from meditation, tai chi and tantric ritual is closer to magick than I had expected. It’s exciting for me because I was always interest in magick from a young age but could never really access it.

I find myself very much on an awakening path; it doesn’t feel so much of a choice but what I’m called to. And a lot of my practice is around reclaiming energies from shadow so working with energies of sexuality and anger are big themes.

I am eager to learn practical tools for magick and find some guidance. I’ve also recently started working with ‘Existential Kink’ (Carolyn Elliot), so I’m super interested in uncovering the ‘magick’ I am already brilliantly doing at an unconsciously level though it may be manifesting the opposite of what I claim I want to create in my life. For some reason this attracts me the most at the moment. I guess I have a sense that a lot of my energy is tied up in this and I actually need to reclaim a fair bit of that before working in what I think of as a more ‘conventional’ way.

Looking forward to being involved in this

With warmth

Hello All,

I’m Circe, The Sorceress (A Simpson’s tongue-in-cheek reference there! :wink: )
I come from a line of psychics and witches originating in Germany, but I’ve lived most of my life in The Upside Down (Australia). Have been exploring different forms of Witchcraft and Magick for the past 29 years (gods that makes me feel old). I don’t profess to be an adept at ANYTHING (except retail therapy), and don’t consider myself to be either a Black or White Magician. I’m just me. I’m generally a very easy-going person, and don’t like to ruffle feathers, but i have a “Shit List”, and people who have ended up on it, “rue the day” as it were.
Have a VERY conservative corporate muggle role, so will likely keep a fairly low profile (please don’t take offence if I go MIA for days as my workload at the moment is HELLISH). Found my way here via a recommendation during a Glamour Magick workshop.
Nice to meet you all.

Hello everyone. I am Ekerette from Nigeria and I am very new to all of this. So far, going by what I learned from a practitioner which is why I was able to go on to find this forum, I am interested in wealth Magick as well as knowledge if that is really possible. I have read about King Paimon from a previous resource and I am hoping that my desire for specific kinds of knowledge acquisition will manifest for me.
I will appreciate every guidance that I can get along the way.

Considering my previous religious background, I am somewhat concerned reading about rituals. Forgive my ignorance, but I am open to relearning and growing.

Thank you for the opportunity that this forum represents to me.

Hi everyone. Glad to be here and glad to find open minded people.

I am a man from UK, I am 35 years old. I am a beginner in terms of magick. Got introduced to sigils and servitors earlier this year. I have done enough meditation and other various practices in my life that don’t have a lot to do with magick. I believe I have blocked this side of me in this life but that’s another story. For example when I was a kid I was feeling this power inside me which could do stuff whenever I wanted. It was triggered when I was angry with something or someone and I ended up doing (manifesting) really bad things with just thoughts. And I believe that’s why I have been blocking it since.

I find all this interesting and a bit scary at points because of a lot of confusion from culture and read a lot of authors. However I keep an open mind in general going steady steps.

My ambitions is to learn more about myself. Potential, power, creativity. Would love to get more in touch with abundance, wealth, freedom as most people.
I do have a lot of struggles, especially with health. I am continuously doing things to improve my health however I can say I am stuck on many levels. Doing small steps here and there but with a lot of effort.

If you 'd like learn anything more about me please reply to this post or DM me :slight_smile:

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Hello my name is Ayman i live in the capital of england, London
Im not very experienced with magick howeever i have purchased magick and know how well it works

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Thank you for doing an introduction as required @Aymanlondon

Do you have any actual practical experience yourself?

If you do, what have you practiced, and how long have you practiced?

Only done magick of which i purchsed such as sex spells

• I don’t have one.
• Invocation, manifestation
• Being best self
• Having discipline

@EricWolfe Please introduce yourself properly.

Where are you from?

How long have you practiced?

Do you have experience in any specific systems or traditions of magick?

What areas of magick are you interested in?

I am from Canada. I have 2 years of experience. I am undergoing Qlipothic initiation. I am interested in black magick.

Hello my name is Eli, new to this whole thing because i got so damn curious about incubus/incubi? I don’t even know which term is correct here sorry! But am interested on learning more about them

Current ambition: meet an incubus
Current struggle: meeting an incubus

Glad to be a part of this new world
Oh! If anyone has any info on the topic please be a dear and drop me a comment or message! (not sure how to message here yet lol) Thanks!

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