Introduce Yourself To Members Of The Forum 2.0

I’ll be a little more personal with this new intro…

Hey guys, I’m Nathan, but you can call me Mephisto, short for Mephistopheles. Your neighborhood gentleman in the streets and demonic freak in the sheets :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: plenty of love here.

Started my occult journey at 15, currently 20 and manifesting my dreams!

I’m pretty goofy with, again, lots of love to give. Of course once you get past the wall of thorns.

I’m very down to earth and practical, for the most part. I practice a few different forms of magick, particularly Demonic and Norse Witchcraft. Right now, I’m primarily practicing demonic magick/Draconian Trad.

You can find my “Ed Thread” on Norse Magick here: Hall of the Vitki (Intro/"Ed Thread" to Nordic Witchcraft)

Once you get to know me, you’ll see I’m sufficiently heaven and sufficiently hell :wink:

I’m also a really big fan of music, such as Danheim, Wardruna, Eivor, Evanescence, Lacuna Coil, In This Moment, and many more! Feel free to hmu!


Hello, my name is Ariel, and I’m starting to search and look into matters of the occult!
I had my first out of body experience about two months ago, and I’m looking forward to know more about that with you guys.
Much love <3


Thank you for doing an introduction as required @BurningShadow

Do you have any experience at all in magick?

If not, what areas of magick are you interested in learning?


Forum rules are forum rules. :woman_shrugging:


Ceratias, you violated the rules of this forum because there is no way to discuss your “revelation” without wading into the Muslim -Jewish nonsense which you emphasised, even bringing in into a thread on planetary magick when you were specifically warned that political discussion is prohibited here.

Yes, there is:


Hello from Greece, I’m Anassa previously known as Silent. I chose to recently change my forum name as my old one was tied with energies that didn’t represent me anymore.

I returned in the Occult 2.5 years ago, after a bet I had with myself. Call it synchronicities. My break from actively practicing magic lasted for 10 years and I wasn’t planning to return, but I never stopped been involved and studying various ancient Greek philosophies, cosmologies and traditions. In the way I lost some gifts but found some others, and I have a way better understanding of myself in all aspects.

I’m actively involved in several Hellenic reconstructionism orders (which I won’t name), and I also work with other pantheons (mostly Egyptian and Sumerian) and entities, though I don’t work with the abrahamic angels. There are still some things from my practices that I prefer to keep sub rosa, even in this forum.

You can find my journal in the Lounge area (accessible for regulars, moderators and patreons only) where I explain various topics of Hellenism along with some parts of my practices, as well as my invocation/evocation method. …And some random thoughts too.


boom bang pow I’m Velenos, from Texas

I’ve been practicing for nearly 2 decades and counting, I’ve been a student of various mentors albeit shortlived and I’ve mentored various students (no longer do that) my practices have always been for the most part direct magick (etheric projection, a little astral/mental projection, scanning, soul diving, constructs, so forth) I started with being self taught since I was 8 years old, it wasn’t until I was around 13-14 when I got some capability of the internet that I gained short mentors.

I’ve had experiences with various pantheons of Gods, Goddesses (Primordials, titan/titan-like, 3rd generations and so on), Demons, Angels, Yokai, various Oneiroi, as well as manipulation in regards to the soul in various ways (fragmenting, threading, unthreading, scanning it, corrupting it which goes under baneful work) but there’s also various practices I keep to myself simply because it ties to a more personal aspect of myself.

Currently I’m devoting myself to working with the Fae of various cultures but more specifically the Fae of the various Celtic tribes of Gods as it ties to a deeper aspect of myself.

I don’t believe in LHP/RHP nor do I consider myself to be a dark magician, witch, pagan, etc. I am me and usually will only answer to being a practitioner nothing more.


I’m Rey Cuervo from the End of the World.

I’ve been practicing for about 2 years and everyday was a fiiiiiiight just to get right one or two things (usually, basic definitions).

Reading, talking with people and trying stuff lead me to find something that works for me: visionary magick.

I’m currently working in developing senses and doing quite a lot of research. I happened to find (with a couple of friend’s help) a pathworking to some entity which I’ve nicknamed Silence, since they don’t want to tell me who they’re. I suspect there is more to be find in popular culture from some hundreds of years ago (looking at you, William).

At this point, I can hold images in third person for a little long while, without breaking focus and barely having intrusive thoughts, and for me that is a true success (I know others can shoot death rays from their balls, sorry guys, I’m not as powerful as you’re, this is what I can do and I only compare myself to myself last year, ignore me and go back to flip burguers).

I also do a bit of energy work, but that’s fairly new.

My research has giving me some interesting results, enough to actually share with people with a nice 85% of success.

I have a journal in the lounge, chronicling my experiences with visionary magick, the spirits I have met and the pathways I’ve discovered.

Oh, and I read the tarot a little bit.


Not sure if a second intro is in order but why not.
I am a Pariah and I am not the same anymore as in intro # 1.

I started out with my more practical approach only two years ago, so you can safely ignore me or my ramblings.
I try to keep my practice on a “one thing a day” schedule at least (meditation, spellwork from blessings to “whoops, does that hurt?”, divination preferably with Lenormand cards or Kipper, dreamwork, spirit work, “whats that?”-experiments with different material).
I don’t follow a school of thought and I am mostly self-taught. I don’t have a fancy witchy heritage to offer, either.

I am mostly busy with improving my life circumstances via magick and so far it all worked out pretty well. You won’t notice me much around; I am an avid avoider of small talk and sometimes I forget about private messages. Sorry if that happens.


No thank you, I like being here.
Now do a real intro please.


Well, I might as well introduce myself again. Hello everyone, I am C Wilson, formerly called Tiberius. I am 28 and have been actively involved in my own path of magic since I was 15, although my late grandmother taught me our family folk magic as a child. I have been involved in Wicca, Reconstructive Druidry, Reconstructive Heathenry (mainly Icelandic and Norweigan traditions), Kememtic traditions, and various folk practices. I work heavily with energy work, spirit work, soul travel, cursing, and pretty much anything that gets me an edge. I have worked with both angels and demons, and am currently exploring more Jewish forms of magic, as you will likely see in my journals available to all. I also practice divination such as tarot and scrying.

As always, my overall goal is to figure out the mechanics of this existence in order to better understand and influence it, as well as cement my existence as an entity beyond my physical form, while enjoying life in the process. I try to spend time answering any questions I can, but you likely see more active in my journals as I do have a busy life beyond the occult as well.

Anyways, welcome to anyone new here on the forum. I hope you find what you are searching for here, or at least a helpful pointing in a useful direction.


Ok since we’re all doing second intros and I can’t escape the peer pressure:

I’m Helena and I’ve learned the “basics” like banishing, shielding and cleansing myself from my mother. And later I learned through books and my own actions, but I don’t follow a tradition. I’ve been a christian for a while but now I reject the basic idea of religions that humans are in need of salvation because they’re somehow flawed.

I’m a herbalist and like to gather herbs for tea, oils and tinctures, mostly for healing the body and mind, but also for magickal purposes.

I mostly work with angels, mainly Raphael.
I try to use my knowledge and experience to help people, especially children and their parents. But I also focus on my own story.

And these are my cats:


What age did your human form start doing magick, and what brought her to it? :slight_smile:

And what spirits or methods do you work with?

I decline your offer since I’m currently busy tidying this realm up a bit, but you do you. :+1:

Please do read this:


Aseth -I’m from RJ Brazil, I’m 46 years old. I got to know witchcraft through wicca and candomble practices.
Looking for something stronger, I started in a necromantic aspect where reapers, slaughterers, black magicians live, but I don’t know how to work with them, the priest limits information and the main thing I don’t have is protection. They even appear on the candles and collect spirits when requested, but it leaves something to be desired. I also cultivate Aseth and Tiamat by intuition.
Tarot Rider Waite Game


Thank you for doing an introduction as requested @SETHBR

How long have you practiced?

Norse900. I’m 43, have about a year left in Hawaii. I started secretly reading “psychic” books at the library when I was in grade school to try to understand the spirits I would see and sense because I couldn’t find the answers for that at my Mormon church. I’ve practiced off and on, with long breaks between until about a year ago, when Hecate came knocking on my door.

I had to re-awaken my clairs and go searching for a way to contact and honor her, which led me to Demonolatry. While I don’t worship spirits, I certainly honor those I’ve worked with for longer periods than simple requests. All those psychic books and the practice I did with it came in pretty handy.

I just got done working through the Shadownomicon and I’m currently dual-pathing it with the Book of Gates and Archangels of Magick. Once I’ve gone through the BoG, I’ll likely hit up the Lovecraftian current, before going back to the Shadownomicon entities and starting the cycle over again to go down deeper rabbit holes.


Hello all! My name is Meta. I’ve been a student of the occult since I was 17, at least, but have struggled with my upbringing in a Pentecostal cult since i was 12. I’m 20 now, but still feel like a beginner when it comes to ritual practice, since I’ve mostly been researching the philosophy side of things. My main interests are Luciferianism, Buddhism, Cartomancy of all kinds, the creation of thoughtforms, Gnosticism, and energy work. As of this year I’ve been getting into Kemeticism and Hermeticism, and trying to form working relationships with Anubis and Hermes. I aim to get as full of an understanding of the workings of our human experience as possible, and hope to use my developing magickal skills to procure for myself (and my loved ones) a stable and pleasant life. Honestly, my biggest struggle right now is going from just studying theory to actual Practice :sweat_smile:


Welcome to the BALG forum.

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I’ve been practicing Wiccan magic since 2014, but candomble witchcraft since 2010

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