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I am Jellybean Monroe, I’ve been doing magic since I was 14, ( I am 38 now) but I am always learning, one thing learned my whole life about magic is that you never stop learning. I respect all entities both above and below, is how most people would put it. To me personally, all God’s and Devil’s are equals, true some are stronger than others, but what I mean in magic and beliefs. To me there is no good or bad it’s all on how you approach the entities on respect. I respect the Devil, I respect God, I respect the hellfire as well as heaven above. In the spirit realm there is now good or bad honestly it all comes down to the respect you show. I have done rituals with all kinds of Gods and Devils, and they come through because ultimately it was all about respect. Same rule applies to demons as well as angels…it’s respect, it saddens me that no one really gets that. That’s all for now
Jellybean Monroe



What, exactly, do you practice? Magick encompasses a lot, and In all that, you have told us nothing about what you actually have experience in.

Mostly healing, divination, cleansing, luck, revenge, justice, employment, as well as anything that is a huge help to myself in situations. The more I practice, the stronger my power gets…I mostly do things for myself, I try helping others, it works from time to time, bit I live in a region surrounded by Healers and witch doctors so I mainly do these rituals for myself. (El Paso, Tx)

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Thank you for elucidating more.

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welcome. Please feel free to check out my journal. I have some useful information on it.

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