Introduce my self

Hi all. My name is tina. Original Greek. I m busy with witchcraft more than 19 years. And wicca 3 years. But its not for me. I think its very soft. I really want to learn more about black magic.

Welcome @tina1

What kind of witchcraft?

Do you follow a particular system or tradition?

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Candle magic, herbs, oils, stones, wicca. Traditional old Greek spells. And arabic magic and jinn. It was working good. But i work with a specific problem 7 years but nothing helps. Thats why im looking black magic. And even with king beleth still nothing for that problem. Is still early but not even sings.


Hi Tina :wave:t4::blush: welcome to the forum

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Thank you dear :kissing_heart:

What do you think Black Magick is?

I think , working for my own good , against the good of others,

Black magick, for me, has become both for me and for others, just using more taboo ideas like overwriting free will.


Welcome to the forum @tina1

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Thank you :wink:

Welcome, I am just staring my journey as well in this art. Best of luck. This forum has a lot of knowledge. I know it’ll be as helpful as it was for me.

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