Intro :)

Hey there! I go by Wander here. I practice a very mixed form of paganism. I practice mainly Right Hand Magick, although I do believe that there’s no negative without positive and so with the best intent I do practice Left Hand. For the most part, I come here in hopes to learn and to give advice as someone who’s practiced for roughly 3 years. I am not very experienced although I have messed with quite a few things and I’d love to see more.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask. :smile:

The only one that I know of potentially is Hecate. It also seems those with the propensity to work with Lilith seem to work well with Hecate in my experience.

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P.S. umm I had both tabs open and posted in the wrong one xD

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No worries!!! Thank you :slight_smile:

Np. Im new to this site too but I’ve been following the path for quite awhile. I lean left hand although I’m eclectic and believe many paths are just different roads to the truth. Always good to have different perspectives and wisdom.

Anyways happy evolving :slight_smile:

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