i’m new here more of a Buddhist which i use more crystals and arouras but i do use spice and herb spells sometimes not all that bad call myself more of an anti-hero i give some curses to people who need to give them to bad people like rape steeling abuse homophobic racist etc people who are bad in general is the only people I give curses to others then that I try to give people around me luck and happiness I have a bag with a spells for that i cam here to help others people only been practicing for about a year would like to start candle when I get older but can’t at the moment but seems like rain and full moon makes me a little more powerful

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Hey, welcome :smirk:


Welcome to the forum. May you find what you are seeking.

Welcome to the site.


Welcome :slight_smile:

Just curious why you call yourself buddhist when none of the things you mention in your intro are buddhist nature.

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