I’m Teta, from Eastern Europe.
I barely speak English, I have an online translator to help with this. I’m mostly here to read and learn. My goal is to learn how to summon. I would like to work close and deeply with the entities, however they are difficult to contact at a level i am happy with.



Do you have experience in magick, or are you a complete beginner?

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I’m almost completely beginner. for now, I’m trying to develop myself through meditation. I apologize for your poor English.

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I tried the summons, but I can’t detect the answers yet

Thank you for explaining your experience. Everything takes time and practice. Real magick isn’t like the movies and immediate phenomena is very rare.

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Az Ön leírása alapján próbálom elérni a transzot.

And thank you for answering me.

In the description I do not understand the exact phrase: „screen of your eyelid”
This closed eye? Or other? Please explain simply.

When you close your eyes, you are, in essence, looking at the inside of your eyelid. That is the “screen.”

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Thank you for helping me to understand better :slight_smile:

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