I’m a female from London. I was born with a strong intuition which is a blessing and a curse. I have been practicing magic since I was very young not realising I was doing it. I make up my own spells but I am a Rootworker which is from my African ancestry. I want to use my gift now to get my life back after a turbulent few years

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Welcome to the forum. Here your magic will develop and grow. If you ever need any guidance, there’s plenty of resources on here…but anyways… WELCOME :grin:


Thank you I look forward to growth it’s time to fully embrace my gift and powers

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Indeed it is. I can feel that coming off you lol.


Welcome, Ms_TC_ya.

Have a look around the forum,
read, feel free to write yourself.

We need more,
Magicians and witches,
which do stuff by themselves,
and form new pathways.

We encourage free minds and new aproaches.

Enjoy this aswell.