My name is David I’m from morroco. I was always fascinanted by the occult. I think that the real DNA of the world is occult. Talking about the DNA, notice that eastern and western mysticism always talk about the same thing, All things are wrote in words, and with words the universe was created. I’M HERE to ask you different questions and I may help with my knowledge and experience too.
I think the best clue thing i can give you is to think in terms of energy frequency and vibrations, so every spell and every evocation and every invocation and every magick work is based on catching and releasing energy.
I ve been practicing the occult in my own way with a childish innoncence and fearless warrior behavior. I ve failed and succeeded. But most important thing is that I’m in a big ascension.
I’ve worked with different spirits And different types of energies.
By the way. I take this opportunity to glorify king Paimon. To thank the spirit Nitika and every spirit That accepted my requests.



Do you have any experience in magick? If yes, what do you practice?

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Darkestknight I struggled writing, check my update.
Thank you for correspondance