Hey there. I’m Melissa. I’m newer to magick. Been practicing under a year. I’m open to all types. I’ve used Sigils, pathworking, Words of Power. If you know about a thread that’s like a Magickal diary or somewhere one can document the ritual plus the experience I’d love the link.


Welcome! How is the energy working going? It’s important for beginners I’m also at that stage

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Hi welcome to the forum. Glad you are here. You can start a new topic and under catergories youll find journels. This forum is great i find any information im looking for here and has become a powerful tool for myself and others.


Welcome to the BALG forum.

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It’s been good. At first when I started working with newer entities I felt a rush of anxiety afterwards. But I realize now it’s just the energy shifting. I use my intuition a lot before starting contact with some entities, especially demons because I’m newer. So in the prep for those contacts I read a lot and familiarize myself. So even before ritual I feel like they know I’m going to initiate contact and it’s been pretty good. If during my prep it feels off or if I feel like I wont be heard I don’t move forward. That seems to happen often with money related requests. So I typically don’t end up doing those at all.

I hope that answers your question.

How has the energy been for you?

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Definitely. I will do a search. There’s so much good stuff here. Thanks again!

Energy work has been great so far thank you for asking ! :grinning:
I have improved a lot I’ve been practicing Tactical Imaging thought by Robert Bruce
I have his book Energy Work.

It helped me a lot to fight back negative Energies that to attack me in my sleep since i was a child and it helps with my chakras opening.

Hey Beast Creature! I wanted to thank you for bringing this author to my attention. His work has shed a lot of light on things for me. Thanks again :slight_smile: