I’m new here. You can call me Aria or mention me. Either works
I’m 19 years old ^^
Experience in magick? Nope, but I have a ton of experience with ghost sighting or haunting.

Scariest thing I’ve ever encountered was a dismembered black/dark colored hand appearing near a door and wave at me and my friend before suddenly vanishing O_O

Another spirit/ghost sighting was a man or a figure presumably in his/her 20-30s climb up a stair and turned to face the wall before walking through it. O_O

I vaguely remember this one but it from what I can recalled, me and my friends went out at around 9pm and came back near 4 am in the morning. We saw a dark figure sitting alone in the park and the dark figure didn’t care or say hi to us. One of my friend decided to talk to the dark figure and the dark figure didn’t say anything but just stare at him. We realized that’s not a human after we saw a swing suddenly move on its own and kindly ask permission to leave. Nothing scary or bad happens to us. We were lucky ^^

Regarding magick, I’m very new and I have no experience at all but I’m curious as to how others do it safely. I’m quite scared to actually perform magick or summoning myself due to my past encountered with these supernatural phenomena.


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A Chinese cartoon profile picture you have, welcome you are. Chinese cartoon incubi and succubi I have, the crap out of supernatural phenomena they beat

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I’m still scared to try magick because

  1. What if they haunt me ?
  2. What if the demon I’ve summoned thinks it would be funny to mess with my life?

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You can summon many things, not only demons. I started with demons because they called me, but if you don’t feel called, nobody is pressuring you

What’s the safest thing to try when you’re a beginner? I don’t have anyone to guide me irl.

Pick up a book by the Gallery of Magick, such as Archangels of Magick by Damon Brand. It is the “safest” style of magck you can do as it has protection built right into it, and doesn’t require any tools beyond the sigils in the book and the vibration of a few Words of Power.

Thanks dude ^^

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