Intro + Where to start

I am rather new to magic. By background is a little chaotic, at age 9 I possessed an IQ of 155. I was sent to multiple schools. I considered them to be a waste of time seeing as the information they took a year to teach I could easily learn in a day or two at the local library. I dropped out of school at sixth grade. I always have been bored with life due to the rather uncomplicated nature of it. I took to crime planning, It is rather challenging and high stakes. I enjoy it, I did not do it for the money, but for the challenge. I was sent to a program in Russia that provided military type training. I soon was put into more advanced training. I soon was inducted into a organization called Triad. Anybody who is familiar with this organization understands how good these operatives are at what they do. I learned advanced combat techniques, Shadow hypnosis, how to pass lie detectors, create fake passports, etc. I must admit that this was probably the most challenging process I had ever undertook. Also, the people there are highly intelligent and do not allow you to manipulate them easily/at all. They quickly put my shenanigans to rest. However, we parted ways eventually. I moved to more profitable adventured. I was recently with a friend who claims to be in the occult. I looked into it briefly, I learned how much time and effort goes into it. I realized how important Ascent is. What I want is to achieve this. I would hate to waste my life in useless pursuits of vanity. I want to get good at it. I do not know where to start. Any help is greatly appreciated. Hopefully one day I may be of assistance.